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The birth of a royal – NIVEA Deo CROWN

What does it actually mean when a new packaging for a NIVEA product is created on a global scale? Take a look on how the NIVEA Deo Relaunch team collaborated cross-functionally for 36 months to bring a new generation of NIVEA deodorants to market in the project “Crown”. Colleagues from Supply Chain, Packaging Development and Marketing share some impressions on the biggest deo relaunch in Beiersdorf’ history in the video:

Beiersdorf Autors: Sunna Schulz

About the editor: Sunna Schulz

For Sunna it’s all about the supply chain. Plant expansion and logistics concept, advanced automation and energy management – these are just four in the wide range of vital tasks and topics covered by the Beiersdorf supply chain. In the scope we find lively stories that go with it and Sunna will tell them. She is up close to manufacturing, committed to providing insights, and she steers the communications for all of the 17 global production centers from the helm of the two Hamburg plants.

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