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Beiersdorf founds affiliate in Cairo

Her beauty is legendary: Cleopatra. Quite a number of myths surround the skin care rituals of the Egyptian queen. But long before Cleopatra and the building of the first pyramids, skin and body care played a special role in Egypt. Since then not much has changed: this country of 100 million inhabitants, a growing middle class and a population structure in which one in two is under 24, has a high growth potential in skin care.

New affiliate

Christian Haensch, General Manager of the region MENA (Middle East and North Africa) explains: “Egypt is one of the largest economic markets in Africa. We are convinced of the strategic importance of the market and that’s why with the 'Beiersdorf NIVEA Egypt LLC‘ we’ve now founded a new affiliate.”

new office interior
Blue and modern: the offices of the new Beiersdorf affiliate in Egypt.

Closer to markets – in Egypt too

A team made up of Egyptian colleagues, employees of the regional office in Dubai and experts from the Hamburg headquarters worked on the opening of the new location in Cairo’s new, modern business center “Festival City” for 12 months. Country Manager, Ramy Eledrisy is convinced by the new setup: “The combination of strong Egyptian talent and local sales and production partners makes it possible for us to serve the consumers in our country even better now – specifically with increased availability and with products and campaigns that are specifically tailored to the people here in Egypt.”

Beiersdorf group picture from the opening ceremony
Opening ceremony of “Beiersdorf NIVEA Egypt LLC”.

Founding emphasizes long-term engagement

Several weeks ago, for the official opening ceremony, to which in addition to local and regional employees, the most important sales and production partners were invited, Christian Haensch says, “The founding of this local affiliate emphasizes our long-term engagement in the Egyptian market. As one of the largest economies on the African continent Egypt has an enormous potential and we believe that this country will make a strong contribution to the future growth of the region Middle East and North Africa.”

Beiersdorf Autorin Stefanie Behncke

About the editor: Stefanie Behncke

Stefanie is Global Country Brands PR Consultant and has been working for Beiersdorf for six years. She has started in global Marketing for NIVEA and afterwards has worked in the Chilean Beiersdorf affiliate. Now she is responsible for the global NIVEA PR communication - developing global PR strategies and the global PR support for product launches.