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“My job should be enjoyable and fulfilling”Interview with Marielen Winter

Interview with Marielen Winter

Five graduates of the dual study program, who have just completed their bachelor’s degrees at Beiersdorf, have now started their jobs, including Marielen Winter. During the graduation celebration for our working students, we spoke with Marielen (22) about her studies, about sustainable corporate leadership, and meaningful challenges. She had a few tips to share with us.

Marielen, congratulations on successfully completing the dual study program and obtaining your bachelor’s degree. Why did you decide on the dual study program at Beiersdorf, rather than say a traditional university degree program and the exciting university student life?

Marielen Winter: After 13 years of primary and secondary school, the variety between studying at university and “real working life” appealed to me. What’s more, I loved the idea of working at an international company such as Beiersdorf whose brands virtually everyone is familiar with.

Looking back today, how would you summarize your time as a working student at Beiersdorf?

M. W.: The past three years here at Beiersdorf have just flown by. Through the assignments in the various departments, I not only learned an immense amount, but I also had the opportunity to work with many great people.

Interview with Marielen Winter

Your area of specialization beginning in the third year of study was “sustainable leadership.” Could you please briefly describe what that entails and why you chose this subject area to focus on?

M. W.: Sustainable leadership addresses the increasing public awareness and economic necessity for corporate leadership that is focused on sustainability – and the opportunities and challenges that go along with it. I chose this specialization because I am very interested in everything that has to do with sustainability. I wanted to better understand the corporate perspective in terms of the extent to which corporate responsibility and economic growth can be pursued simultaneously.

Three years as a working student is quite a long time. Do you have any tips for young people who, like you, have chosen this type of vocational training and are just at the beginning of their journey? 

M. W.: My advice is to be curious from the very beginning and discuss as much as possible with your coworkers. This is how you may learn about exciting projects or become aware of departments you may have never known about. These could be attractive options for your next practical assignment.

Interview with Marielen Winter

You are now working in Beiersdorf’s sustainability team. What are the areas of responsibility of a Junior Manager, Social Brand Commitment, and what are the greatest challenges for you in the new job?

M. W.: I mainly support the team in strategically developing the global social commitment of our brands. We also work very closely with the international marketing functions and subsidiaries, which I find very exciting. For example, we advise subsidiaries when they are implementing local social initiatives. The greatest challenge in this role currently is the work on the long-term strategy, which is very different to the three-month cycle during studies. 

You completed your dual study program with outstanding results. What goals have you set yourself for your future career?

M. W.: To be honest, I don’t have any specific career plans as of yet. My main goal is to pursue roles that are enjoyable, fulfilling, and that challenge me. In that vein, my new job here at Beiersdorf with the Sustainability Team is an excellent start.

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