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Christoph Hausser joined Beiersdorf in April 2018 as Head of Manufacturing Europe. In an interview he talks about his impressions and reveals what he likes most about Beiersdorf.

Christoph Hausser
As the Head of Manufacturing Europe, Christoph Hausser oversees the company’s plants in Europe.

Christoph, you oversee six European plants and spend a lot of time at them. What do the plants have in common?

Christoph Hausser: Across all factories people work very hard and perform to their best. Occasionally people will work extended and extra shifts to deliver the business need. They greatly contribute to the growth of the company and live up to the agility requirements of a highly volatile environment. This is outstanding to see. Visiting the production lines is always something special for me. Here we create the goods for which consumers are willing to pay. The superior quality of our products creates a competitive edge for the entire company.

Christoph Hausser supports the European factories in their positioning for the future.

What is a typical day for you like and what constitutes a “perfect day” for you?

C. H.: In the headquarters, I meet with many colleagues from a range of functions, primarily to discuss production strategy. The daily processes in the plants are defined in particular by a specific routine and operating system, so I attend those meetings when I am on site. I also have many one-on-one, coaching and KPI meetings. One thing pleases me in particular: Each day, colleagues work in the plants to make products that have the highest quality, best manufacturing price and the best customer service. All of us try to do the best we can for the business. I am satisfied when we do so and I can do my part to make sure that the approximately 2,000 colleagues in the European plants can enjoy their jobs. A “perfect day” is when I go home happy because I have enabled my colleagues do their job. 

Christoph Hausser and machine operator Heiko Westphal
Christoph Hausser and machine operator Heiko Westphal take a close look at a collaborative robot, or cobot, that is part of the new filling line in Hamburg.

What are the key goals for the company’s European plants in 2019?

C. H.: A stable and predictable production environment will be the key to succeed in 2019. The goal must be to have full control over our production equipment. That will allow for everybody to work on value-creating efforts. Thus we will shape the future actively.

What does working for Beiersdorf mean to you?

C. H.: Beiersdorf is a company that is defined by its strong brands. We are proud to work at Beiersdorf because of them. I really enjoy smelling the familiar “NIVEA” scent in the NIVEA production operation and playing a part in the cream’s creation. One of my very highest priorities every day is safety. Of course, we focus on having the “best quality”, the “best price” and the “best service.” But colleagues’ safety is always the very top priority – every employee should return home safe and sound after a day’s work.

Thank you for this interview.

Beiersdorf Autors: Sunna Schulz

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