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Consumer experiences in the digital age

Digitalization is re-writing all the rules on how consumers engage with brands and how we engage with consumers. With NIVEA's globally established “N.X” strategy, the NIVEA digital team aims at leveraging today's digital transformation and exponential innovation speed for creating true value for consumers. It stands for “NEXT EXPERIENCE” – a reflection of the belief that lies at the core of N.X:

In today's world you are not selling tangible, physical products anymore – you are selling experiences.
Martin Böhm, Chief Digital Officer NIVEA

A seamless consumer experience

One main aspect of N.X is to create a seamless consumer experience along the consumer journey by making the brand visible, shoppable and lovable. Behind a second meaning of the X, which is “experimentation”, lies the continuous striving to discover innovative approaches to fully exploit NIVEA's digital potential. Other aspects that are anchored in N.X include strengthening the digital capabilities within our global workforce, e.g. through a Digital IQ program, building strong partnerships and installing new ways of working among their teams.

Watch the video and find out more about N.X and how the NIVEA digital team brings it to life:

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