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How teamwork leads to success

Every skin care market is characterized by its own particularities. Mirjam Bauhr, Pharmacy Director Nordics, knows these particularities of the Swedish market as well as the challenges for Eucerin that are coming along with it: “Swedish consumers are not only extremely well informed but they also have very high expectations on products. Moreover, the market is highly competitive. There are basically no drugstore channels. In pharmacies Eucerin has not only to compete with numerous local brands but also with strong private brands, owned by the major pharmacy chains in Sweden.”

But Mirjam and her small but more than ambitious team in Gothenburg wanted to take this challenging situation, converting it into success: “Our target is to become the number one in anti-age by 2020. This is very ambitious, but the developments of the past years have shown that we are on the right track. We redesigned our strategy completely, focusing not only on our Eucerin products, but more than ever on people and emotions. The concept seems to be paying off, as we already recorded almost 25% growth in the anti-age segment this year.”

Further information on the strategy and the people behind this success can be found in this video:

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