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This week, a special winter campaign inspires Beiersdorf employees in Hamburg: the GOOD FOR ME health management team is ringing in the pre-Christmas season with a gratitude campaign to encourage all colleagues to make nice gestures with each other. In the coffee kitchens and other lounges, employees can take “Thank you” postcards with them, fill them in and give them to their colleagues – for their trust, support, ideas or simply for being such great colleagues. And if you like, you can combine this gesture with invitations to a coffee, a walk or something else.

“At Christmas time it gets quieter, we take the tempo out and reflect on the year. Right now we can become aware of this: What are we thankful for this year,” says Rebecca Gossmann, head of the Wellbeing team at headquarters, explaining the idea behind the campaign. “With these messages we can all become aware of what we have achieved together and what we are grateful for.

With this campaign, the company is sending a further signal for more mindfulness and attention in everyday working life. “Gratitude is also a real health maker,” explains Rebecca Gossmann. “Studies show: Feeling grateful strengthens the immune system, promotes good sleep, lowers blood pressure and even supports the healing of diseases. Gratitude increases optimism, strengthens generosity and a general sense of happiness – and lets every recipient start the Christmas season with a pleasant feeling.”

Do you feel inspired? Then feel free to thank someone today!

Diana Lühmann

About the editor: Diana Lühmann

Since autumn 2019, Diana has been responsible for corporate communication related to HR and inspiring people at Beiersdorf. These include the areas of Diversity, Learning & Development, Career, Leadership, and Health. Previously, she was in charge of R&D Communications and explored the exciting world of our research and development.