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How innovation can spin over a whole brand!

Davison, among other responsibilities you are managing Eucerin Chile. Which conditions prevail on the Chilean market for dermocosmetics?

Davison: Consumers in Chile have recognized the importance of dermocosmetic products. They know about their benefits and this might sound promising. However, competition in Chile is very strong in this area. In recent years, this has led to competitors engaging in a discount battle. And this has had challenging consequences: With 20 to 30 percent discount, the performance of products as well as the innovation behind it are getting pushed into the background.

So in order to continue selling products, everyone has to join this battle?

Davison: That’s not an option in the long term – at least not for us. Eucerin stands for scientific innovation and this identity must be ensured as more valuable than percentage signs. But of course: On the consumer side these low prices are attractive and for almost one and a half years, we have continuously lost market share. However, we couldn’t simply give up the core and the uniqueness of Eucerin. Instead, our strategies had to be revised and adapted to this special market situation – a complete turnaround was necessary!

Eucerin Anti-Pigment Range with the patented active ingredient Thiamidol

Sounds like a huge challenge. Where did you start?

Davison: By identifying the key factor for the turnaround: Innovation as our brand’s DNA! This factor should no longer take a back seat. Instead, we had to put our scientific approach back into focus. Across all target groups we had to prove the enormous benefit of our products due to our innovative strength. With this we wanted to outshine the discounts of our competitors. And we had the perfect hook: Thiamidol! The patented ingredient in our Anti-Pigment series shows incredible results for consumers with hyperpigmentation – a real scientific breakthrough in the field of even skin. The perfect basis to bring our strategy to life. This is of course only possible with great teamwork! Every function must be involved and everyone must be on the same page. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

You talked about different target groups. How can these be reached with the same approach?

Davison: We always focused on Thiamidol and our Anti-Pigment range but of course, measures must have been planned and implemented differently for each individual target group. Talking about the consumer, for example, it must be taken into account that there is usually little or no basic knowledge about hyperpigmentation. If they don’t know that their skin condition can be changed, they won’t ask a dermatologist or pharmacist for appropriate solutions. That is why we invited journalists and influencers to a major launch event for the Anti-Pigment products. We offered them a lot of information to share with their communities. We also selected six key influencers with hyperpigmentation and accompanied them for eight weeks while they tested our products. The results, which they shared with their community, have been impressive! Their personal experiences and results were able to show consumers something very emotional: Using Anti-Pigment did not only change the appearance of the Influencers skin – but also their self-confidence and in some way their lives.

Davison Pereira, Business Unit Head Chile, Peru, Paraguay & Bolivien

What is the difference when addressing the dermatologically professional target group?

Davison: Dermatologists and pharmacy employees naturally have much greater knowledge about these topics. We don’t need to explain the issues of hyperpigmentation or the relevance of innovation. They need much more details, background information and proof due through studies. That is very important. Because a product will only be recommended if one knows all about it and is convinced of its performance. For this purpose, training sessions with hundreds of dermoadvisors were realized. But of course also other platforms were used to start an active exchange with our target groups. We have been present at many conferences within Chile and have realized numerous symposia, which were completely focused on the innovative breakthrough of Thiamidol.

Has all this work paid off?

Davison: To sum it up: Our turnaround in Chile was very successful. The implementation of the innovation focus in numerous Touch Points brought excellent business results! Eucerin Chile closed 2019 with record net sales. But there is more than numbers: We were able to introduce new consumers to the brand while strengthening our perception as experts by dermatologists, customers and shoppers. Anti-Pigment became the best execution of an innovation in the history of Eucerin Chile. We can be very proud of what we have achieved together with the whole team. For me it is very clear: Innovation can spin over a whole brand – if we talk about it loud enough!

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