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From analog booth to 3D virtual experience: Eucerin at the 28th EADV Congress

Dr. Gitta Neufang, Salvador Juarez and Dr. Adel Sammain

The EADV Congress is one of the most relevant events in the field of dermatology and venereology worldwide. Beiersdorf’s dermocosmetics brand Eucerin was again part of the congress this year but was faced with an enormous challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic: The congress (October 28th to November 1st) was held virtually for the very first time. In this interview, Dr. Gitta Neufang (Chief Innovation & Medical Officer), Salvador Juarez (Senior Medical Manager) and Dr. Adel Sammain (Medical Advisor) reveal how they turned these challenges into a great success through agility.

Gitta, can you briefly explain why the EADV Congress is so important for Eucerin?

Gitta: EADV stands for European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. The congress takes place once a year and is the hotspot for healthcare professionals. Here they can learn more about current research and development from experts from all over the world. For us, presence at the event is very important because dermatologists are one of our most important target groups. It is the perfect setting to meet them, exchange about relevant topics and share our latest scientific findings with them. After all, the congress has more than 12,000 participants from more than 100 countries.

Frontdesk at Eucerin Virtual Booth

But this year was a little different, wasn’t it? The 28th EADV Congress took place virtually for the first time. Did you expect the same success in the new format as before?

Salvador: In fact, we did! Of course, the new format has presented us with challenges. However, our team is agile and more than dedicated. So, we created a strategy to reach our target group in the best possible way – even under the new conditions. This of course required a great deal of agility as well as new ways of thinking. And soon we realized that the new situation also came along with new opportunities!

What opportunities did you identify?

Gitta: The virtual congress was a great way to increase Eucerin’s presence on digital platforms for healthcare experts. But above all, we proved dermatologists that we are always there for them. Despite any kind of complex situation, Eucerin always strives to be a partner who guides healthcare professionals in an agile, flexible way and with full commitment. Online and offline.

What exactly are the measures involved?

Salvador: With a lot of time and energy, we created an incredible experience at our virtual exhibition booth at the congress for our visitors. Just like in real life, participants could visit the various theme corners and get information from our experts. They moved through the 3D animated world, got detailed information on our dermatological skincare research as well as on our portfolio, took part in surveys and our interactive photo booth. Doing so they had the opportunity to learn everything about our products – as for example our COVID-19 regimen. This includes products that gained even more relevance since the start of the current pandemic – for example the mild handwash oil from our Eucerin pH5 range. Another important part of our booth was the presentation of our Unna Academy. Independent from our products it offers dermatologists practice-oriented education and training courses. Thanks to the ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience with other experts these courses always meet the highest standards. Through the various segments, we offer dermatologists important added value. This way, we strive to actively support them in the treatment of their patients. This is very important to us, because WE BELIEVE IN THE LIFE-CHANGING POWER OF DERMATOLOGICAL SKINCARE. This is our brand purpose and we want to take every opportunity to underline its relevance!

What exactly do you mean by life-changing?

Gitta: Skin concerns such as acne, atopic dermatitis, or hyperpigmentation not only affect people’s skin. They often have an impact on self-esteem, mental wellbeing and thus on the quality of their lives. For example, a baby suffering from atopic dermatitis: As parents you feel helpless and it is terrible to see your baby suffering, scratching all night and not being able to sleep. We have created effective, highly tolerable and clinically proven solutions! Not only to stop the itch and enable a good night’s sleep, but also to provide relief for worried parents and allow the entire family to enjoy life to the fullest again.

COVID-19 counter at Eucerin Virtual Booth

That sounds impressive. And all of this was presented at one booth?

Adel: Yes, and there was even more. We also wanted to promote a topic that is very close to our hearts: psychosocial aspects in dermatology. We are very aware of the consequences of chronic skin diseases, the associated stigmatization and the high impact on the quality of life of people. However, emotional support and counselling are not part of the medical curriculum. Therefore, we have used the moment of attention of dermatologists to organize a webinar shortly before the EADV Congress to raise awareness: ‘Why scratching the surface is unsatisfactory for everyone’. The session was moderated by the international experts Prof. Christine Bundy (Cardiff University, UK) and Prof. Matthias Augustin (University of Hamburg, Germany). Patients need support that goes deeper than just into the depth of the skin. If they get it, it will change their lives for the better, and we want to support this by sensitizing people who can help those affected. The virtual video call was a great opportunity to do this and to increase the exchange and interaction with dermatologists. Of course, not every health care professional was able to participate. Therefore, we will make the content available on our website of the Unna Academy.

Thank you for these interesting insights about how to transform a challenge into success and about your purpose to change people’s lives!

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