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Female Power in Supply Chain

Worldwide, the proportion of women in supply chain management is increasing according to a survey by the market researchers at Gartner. This trend is also reflected at Beiersdorf, where we actively live by the principles of diversity and inclusion. We promote the diversity of different national origins, cultures, sexual orientations, and generations. And we strive to achieve equal opportunities at all levels of our organization.

Ashish Manihar
Ashish Manihar, PC Director BMGj

In our supply chain, we have recently moved a step further by ensuring that, since February 2022, women at Beiersdorf Manufacturing Gujarat (BMGj) in India are able to participate in the complete shift system, just like men. After long negotiations with the government and a detailed investigation by the Labor Department, women are now allowed to work night shifts. A big turning point in BMGj’s diversity implementation journey and a great milestone on our journey toward gender equality.

“I remember my first townhall in 2020,” says Ashish Manihar, PC Director BMGj. “The percentage of women in our PC was low. However, after conversation with the PC leadership team, I realized that everyone intends to augment diversity at the workplace. Today, I’m happy that in a small town like Sanand, we are now setting a trend and empowering women to work in a professional environment.”

Moumita Pal
Moumita Pal, Production Executive BMGj

Moumita Pal, Production Executive, is the first female shift leader at BMGj. “I was privileged to join the operations team in India as the first woman. I am very happy to now be able to take over the night shifts as well. This will allow me to drive my personal development a lot.”

Although there are proportionally far fewer employees in the PC after the General Day Shift, any potential concerns she had quickly dissipated. “I feel really comfortable during the night shifts, I didn’t expect that at the beginning,” says Moumita. She is brought to each shift by a Beiersdorf transport facility which picks her up and drops her off at her doorstep. During the shift, she works shoulder to shoulder with her male colleagues. “They respect me, and I respect them – that’s all that matters.”

Natacha Schwaller
Natacha Schwaller, PC Manager BMA

A great role model: Beiersdorf Manufacturing Argentona (BMA) and Malang (MLG)

The progress made at our production center in Argentona also confirms this positive development. In September 2021, 24.6% of the jobs in the Spanish industry were occupied by women.

Compared to this, BMA is one step ahead. For several years, the factory has been working on reaching gender equality, touching in 2022 a proud overall 40% female rate. “It is my profound wish to build factory teams where it doesn’t make a difference if you are male or female, where you have equal chances to contribute, and where you are chosen and trusted for your competence,” says Natacha Schwaller, PC Manager at BMA. “Our factory management team leads by example in diversity with five nationalities, Spanish, German, French, Mexican, and Brazilian, and a female rate raised from 22% to 62% since 2020.” 

Dwi Mudriah
Dwi Mudriah, PC Director Indonesia

Each year, BMA works to improve the workplace ergonomically and make jobs more accessible to women. For example, the BMA installed cranes on strip machines to support all employees in transporting the material reels. Currently, 90% of workplaces are suitable for female colleagues.

At our Production Center in Malang, we also steadily advance equal opportunities. “Women are just as qualified in the workplace as are men,” says Dwi Mudriah, PC Director Indonesia. “That’s why it’s very important to me that they have equal opportunities at all levels within the supply chain organization – from the production shopfloor to leadership positions. And I am very confident that we are on the right track.”

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