Supply Chain Management

You can plan ahead and yet still react spontaneously? Then you meet the basic requirement for a job in Supply Chain Management! Because the people we are looking for here can find flexible solutions and still keep a strategic perspective.

To further strengthen our leading global brands and achieve our long-term sales goals, we work with the utmost professionalism. At the same time, we need to be flexible in order to respond to changing customer needs and markets. This is why Supply Chain Management works closely with Research & Technology and Marketing. Your personal perspectives? As unique as you are! You will constantly evaluate our products and processes. You will help to further improve purchasing, analyze product planning and look carefully at sales logistics. Last but not least, your efforts will help us continue improving – both strategically and operationally. We are looking for people who like to think strategically and constantly optimize processes. Real doers and shapers. So we can meet the needs of our customers right away and keep everything where it belongs – and as quickly and as sustainable as possible, of course.