The philosophy of the new Beiersdorf Campus came to life based on series of exchanges with various internal and external stakeholders – and is strongly linked to the concept of dynamic working, about which you can learn more here.

Fuelled by this dynamic working approach, the Campus philosophy in detail is based on the four key pillars of 


Hence, these pillars enable Beiersdorf to account for the needs of the individual employee and the overall team vice-versa, whilst also creating identification with Beiersdorf via integrating the company’s core values, the corporate purpose and the brand identities. To immerse yourself in our new work environments, click here

The Look and Feel

Participation of particularly the employees also played a critical factor in the development process of not only the philosophy but also the final Look & Feel of the new Campus. At Beiersdorf, the connection to skin and natural material is especially meaningful to us. It all led to an overall guideline, that incorporates our core values, its purpose and its strategy.

To learn more about Beiersdorf’s Core Values, the company purpose and its strategy, please see below.