NIVEA Powers Schools

The global cooperation with Plan International is already supporting more than 25,000 children through educational projects.

  • Two years since the start of the global partnership between NIVEA and Plan International more than 25,000 children are already benefiting from the partnership.
  • The goal of the joint education projects is to ensure a better future for socially deprived children and young people. Under the motto “We believe every child deserves the best care” the partners aim to achieve this by creating child-friendly learning environments around the world.
  • By the end of this year the partnership will approximately be active in almost 40 countries, in Asia, Africa, Latin and South America.
  • The Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf has given €1.75 million to support the project of its brand NIVEA. In addition, local affiliates are providing their own support and resources.

Hamburg, July 2012 – In 2011 the biggest project to date was started in Guatemala with a budget of €500,000. It also marked the occasion of NIVEA’s 100th birthday. In Alta Verapaz, one of the poorest regions in Guatemala, the learning environment and conditions of 4,800 children in 40 schools are being sustainably improved. The project will run until 2013.

Today, almost a year since the project started, it has already achieved many of its targets. New furniture and modern multilingual teaching/learning materials have helped to improve the normal school day for 540 pupils. 160 teachers and 2,400 parents are also actively involved in the project and receive regular training. In order to ensure a child-friendly learning environment it was also necessary to provide classrooms, toilets, kitchens and water receptacles.

Débora Cóbar, head of Plan in Guatemala, “Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Especially in rural areas there is a serious lack of schools. In addition, educational materials are in short supply. The state cannot make up this shortfall without help. Therefore it is very important that the private sector and development organizations join forces and work together to help the most seriously deprived children.”

The Plan partnership represents the first time that Beiersdorf has demonstrated NIVEA’s commitment to society on a global level.

Within the framework of the cooperation NIVEA offers Plan long-term support through a variety of vehicles: financial support, donation-in-kind, volunteering, marketing activation, awareness raising and knowledge transfer. This means that the partnership is not only about promoting educational projects, but also about increasing the profile of Plan and its activities in a sustainable manner.

The potential for this partnership is enormous. Alongside the seven projects in Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Rwanda which are being supported by the Hamburg Headquarters, many local affiliates are setting up their own cooperation activities with Plan.

Common to all projects is the focus on local requirements and corresponding key focus areas of content, ranging from traditional school learning through to learning social competencies.

The cooperation between NIVEA and Plan is just one part of the social engagement activities of the Beiersdorf group and its brands. The new sustainability strategy developed in 2011 covers three areas: Products, the Planet and People.

Beiersdorf has defined long-term goals for every field of activity up to 2020. This includes generating 50% of its sales from products with a significantly reduced environmental impact. Furthermore it aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% per product sold. 

In the field of activity ‘People’, education is the central CSR-theme. It is also supported by NIVEA’s cooperation with the German life-saving association (Deutschen Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft) to provide information on the dangers of being in and around water and the sun. By 2020 Beiersdorf aims to give half a million children the power to determine their own future by providing them with an education.

About Plan International

Plan International is one of the world's oldest children's aid organizations. It operates without political or religious affiliation in 50 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and is represented in 20 industrialized countries by national organizations. Plan International provides development assistance by financing long-term, child-oriented self-help projects primarily through sponsorships as well as through individual donations and public funding. Over 95 percent of the world's 7,000 Plan employees are local staff supported in their communities by an additional 60,000 volunteer workers.

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