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Women who visit dermatologists for anti-aging treatments often describe the way they see their face as ‘tired’, ‘stressed’ or ‘sad’. They often only associate wrinkles with getting older without realizing that wrinkles aren't the only unpleasant side effect of aging. “Volume loss is also a typical aging-related phenomenon,” said Dr. Rainer Wolber, Head of Research & Development Eucerin. “As the skin loses elasticity and volume the facial contours become less defined.“ It is this volume loss that makes us look stressed, tired and sometimes even unhappy. Based on this insight the Eucerin skin experts together with dermatologists have developed an effective solution: the Eucerin Volume-Filler. Available as of this month, the new anti-aging range helps to restore facial volume, define facial contours, firm the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles.

Volume Loss – A Key Aspect of Skin Aging

A range of factors contribute to facial volume loss and aging. Different processes take place in each layer of the skin. In the top layer, the epidermis, less lipids are produced and the cell renewal slows down. The skin cells produce less hyaluronic acid that is responsible for keeping them hydrated. The result is rough and dry skin. The next deeper layer, the dermis, loses one percent of its collagen content every year. “This is one of the reasons why the skin becomes less elastic and the facial contours lose definition,” explained Dr. Wolber. The subcutis, the layer of adipose tissue, thins out causing a change in facial contours and hollow cheeks.

The new highly effective formula of the Eucerin Volume-Filler contains three active ingredients: Magnolol – an extract from magnolia bark – improves the appearance of the skin by increasing the number and size of volume-giving cells. Oligo peptides stimulate the collagen network, responsible for a firmer skin structure. Hyaluronic acid optimizes skin hydration and thus reduces wrinkles. Additionally, the products contain SPF 15 and UVA protection against sun-induced premature skin aging.

A New Dimension in Anti-Aging Skin Care

Eucerin Volume Filler

"Clinical and dermatological studies have proven that the Volume-Filler product range helps to restore facial volume, define facial contours, firms the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles", said Way Moy Lee, International Product Manager Eucerin Face Care. “The Eucerin Volume-Filler products were inspired by the latest anti-aging treatments at the dermatologists office. With the new Eucerin Volume-Filler range we have truly created a new dimension in anti-aging skin care.”

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