The First Body Milk for the Shower

The First Body Milk for the Shower

A feeling everyone knows: the bed is so warm in the morning, the snooze button is pressed again, and you spend just a few more precious minutes wrapped up in the covers. But then you usually have to run to the shower because you’re going to be late. According to a study, 43% of women rarely or never use body lotion after showering. The reasons vary: time is measured carefully in the morning, sticky skin after using cream isn’t always very pleasant and after a warm shower no one feels like spending unnecessary time in a cold bathroom.

Four Steps for a Great Feeling

After 6 years of development the first Body Milk for the shower is now available from NIVEA and can be found in two varieties in the body care section: NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion is for normal skin, while dry skin is nourished by NIVEA In-Shower Body Milk. The easy application ensures for a completely new care-experience. There are four easy steps for a great skin feeling: As usual, wash with a shower gel, then apply NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion or Milk while still in the shower, rinse, dry, and that’s it! Can I put on my favorite clothes right after showering? No problem. Because of the unique formula that is activated by water, NIVEA In-Shower Body Milk & Lotion are instantly absorbed and do not leave behind a sticky film on the skin. Waiting for your skin to absorb body lotion is now a problem of the past. 

Making Body Care Easier

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In 1963, NIVEA had already shown its pioneering spirit in body care: the first Body Milk changed the consumers’ ideas about caring for their skin. Now NIVEA wants to reach another milestone with its NIVEA In-Shower Body Products. “We have always been forerunners in skincare innovations and are proud to be able to look back on over 100 years of skincare expertise. In 1963 with NIVEA Milk we brought the first liquid emulsion onto the market and with it not only set a new standard, but also created the foundation for our body care history. 50 years later with NIVEA In-Shower Body Milk & Lotion we are introducing a new body care routine,” says Dr. Jens Treu, Department Manager Research Body Care. With the introduction of the first Body Lotion that can be applied directly in the shower, NIVEA is making body care easier for women and men in the morning.

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