In-Shower: The Most Successful NIVEA Innovation of 2013

With over four million units sold, NIVEA In-Shower was the best-selling new product in Germany in 2013 and it is now available in numerous variations including Body Lotion with Sea Minerals, Body Milk Honey & Milk or Refreshing After-Sun Lotion. In-Shower appeals especially to consumers with little time: the new products now nourish skin with proven NIVEA quality “on the go.” In order to fulfill this consumer desire, various Beiersdorf specialists brought their knowledge to the table in an intensive collaboration.

Sabine Schulz
Sabine Schulz, Laboratory Head in the NIVEA Product Development

An Important Factor for Success: Close Collaboration

Before NIVEA In-Shower could be developed, Beiersdorf researchers had to overcome a fundamental challenge: “We are proven experts in the development of skin care products. This development has mostly been based on emulsions – and that was exactly the problem,” says Sabine Schulz, Laboratory Head in the NIVEA Product Development. “Emulsions however, are not well suited for application under running water.” The stable mixture of water and skin care lipids, which causes a pleasant feeling during  application on skin, cannot be used in the shower: the water washes off components of the product completely. “So it was our job to develop a new formulation facilitating the adhesion of nourishing ingredients to the skin despite flowing water under under the shower while also feeling pleasant,” says Isabel Balcke from Research & Development, who also played a crucial role in the development of the product.

A Combination of Specialized Knowledge

One factor in the success of the development of the In-Shower formula was the combination of the specialized knowledge from two laboratories. In order to achieve the best possible results, Guido Heinsohn from Chemical Analysis also supported the team. He provided microscopic images of the texture of various In-Shower formulas and measurement data from the adhesiveness of the nourishing lipids on wet skin. “The combination of these lab data with statements on product performance on the skin gave us a clear picture,” says Sabine Schulz. “We had to recognize how narrow the margins were for producing effective In-Shower care products. The order for adding the raw materials, the calibration of the temperatures and the intensity of the mixing process were all highly influential.”

The Breakthrough of a New Segment

The innovation of NIVEA In-Shower precisely shows how valuable it is to start with exact data about the needs of consumers – and to test the products with them. Because In-Shower products are based on an innovative formula technology and a completely differing kind of application, they had to be explained to consumers in detail. That’s why Beiersdorf tested the new type of application in the next step in Italy. There the success was so convincing that In-Shower was also introduced in Germany at the beginning of 2013. In the meantime the assortment has been expanded to include NIVEA In-Shower for various skin types. With the introduction of In-Shower products Beiersdorf has shown a true pioneering spirit and has created a new segment. The sales figures and successive products from competitors prove the success of Beiersdorf research.

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