Eucerin Elasticity+Filler – the Innovation for Demanding, Mature Skin

Eucerin Elasticity and Filler Product Range
The Eucerin Elasticity+Filler care series

Hamburg, November 1st, 2016 – It’s totally natural: expression lines and wrinkles eventually just become part of our appearance. They are external signs of aging and the fact is, you can’t turn back time. But visible signs of skin aging like loss of elasticity, deep wrinkles and a paler complexion can be effectively slowed down: The new anti-age care range Eucerin Elasticity+Filler presenting an innovative combination of anti-aging active ingredients and was developed especially for mature and demanding skin types.

Woman dosing product with pipette on her finger
A light dose of the Elasticity Filler Face Oil – thanks to a pipette.

As our skin ages, its structure changes. Elasticity, firmness, radiance and resilience reduce, and wrinkles increase. The loss of elasticity, combined with the appearance of deep wrinkles, is a primary ageing concern for many women with mature skin. That’s why Eucerin Elasticity+Filler products have been developed. The day and night care contain Beiersdorf’s exclusive active ingredient, Arctiin, that stimulates collagen production in skin cells. The two formulas also encompass Silymarin, a powerful antioxidant, which protects collagen and elastin from degrading. Skin shows improved skin elasticity. Furthermore, Silymarin improves skin circulation at a cellular level. The formulas also contain long- and short-chain Hyaluronic acid to visibly plump up deep wrinkles. As a result, skin feels firm and looks fresh and radiant. 

Beside the day and night care, the dermocosmetic anti-age care range Eucerin Elasticity+Filler includes also a face oil. All products can now be found on shelves in German pharmacies. Step by step, the range will now be rolled out internationally.

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