Sustainability Review 2016

Today Beiersdorf published its Sustainability Report 2016. With this the company provides information about the progress in implementing its “We care.” sustainability strategy, which focuses on three areas: “Products”, “Planet” and “People”. 

Inken Hollmann-Peters, Vice President Corporate Communications & Sustainability
In 2016 we took a big step forward since we were able to develop a new, ambitious climate goal. This gives us the chance to achieve significant progress in CO2 reduction by 2025.
Inken Hollmann-Peters, Vice President Corporate Communications & Sustainability

Products – 25% of sales generated through products with significantly reduced environmental impact

In the area of “Products” we made satisfactory progress in 2016. By reaching the 25% mark we are currently at exactly half of what we plan to achieve by 2020. Because we are sticking to our goal of generating 50% of our global sales by 2020 through products with a significantly improved ecological profile compared to 2011, we will be increasing our efforts in the years to come.

Products: Continuous Development

Products: Continuous Development

Our goal for 2020 is to generate 50% of our sales with products that have a significantly reduced environmental impact. Through the constant review, optimization and development of our products – especially with raw materials and packaging materials in mind – we will be able to continuously reduce our environmental impact. 

Planet – New Ambitious Climate Goal

After we had reached our goal of reducing CO2 by 30% per product sold in 2015 already, we developed a new ambitious goal in 2016 in collaboration with WWF Germany. It strives to reach a reduction of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by 70% per manufactured product by 2025. This goal corresponds to the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) agreement and was developed in line with the methods of the Science Based Target Initiative. For implementation we will focus on the global transition to electricity from renewable energy sources as well as the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Besides this, we will work on reducing CO2 emissions also for purchased goods and services.  

Planet: Doing More with Less

Planet: Doing More with Less

As a global company we act responsibly with respect to resource usage all along our value chain. We constantly work on increasing the efficiency of our energy and water consumption as well as avoiding waste of all kinds. We work closely with all of the actors in our supply chain in order to continuously improve our efficiency in resource usage.

People – A Total of 661,023 Families Supported

Our “People” goal of reaching one million families by 2020 and contributing to sustainably improving their lives, was advanced quite successfully in 2016. With our social engagement program “NIVEA cares for family” and other brand and corporate initiatives we supported 235,186 families around the world. We have now reached a total of 661,023 families since 2013 and are well on our way to achieve our goal of one million families by 2020.

People: Actively Taking Responsibility

People: Actively Taking Responsibility

Our social engagement focuses on supporting disadvantaged families around the world with the goal of reaching one million families by 2020 and contribute to sustainably improving their lives. Our “People” area is, beyond this, also about the wellbeing of our own employees, e.g. with initiatives for health and safety. 

Beiersdorf Sustainability Engagement 2016

The current sustainability report with all the figures and more information about our initiatives in the areas of “Products,” “Planet” and “People” can be found in the Sustainability Section of our Company Website. You’ll also find the separate GRI index in compliance with the “Core” guidelines. Here we summarize material indicators and information in tables for ourselves and our stakeholders to maximize transparency. 

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