Successful ISO Recertification in German Production CentersWe Care.

By following our sustainability strategy “We care.“ we want to contribute to protecting the environment and supporting the conscious use of energy. For our production plants in Hamburg and Berlin this specifically means that our colleagues from operational technology have established energy management systems, which are certified according to ISO 50001. The processes and standards in these systems aim to make energy use visible. They also allow for energy efficiency steps to be tracked and verified. By this work and production processes can be designed in a way that environmental impact is minimal. 

After the energy management systems were certified in Hamburg in 2014 and in Berlin in 2015, there were monitoring audits in the years that followed. After three years in which teams of employees and energy representatives successfully implemented the planned measures, in 2017 it was time for recertification. Based on conversations with those responsible in Production, Technology and Purchasing the auditors checked that the ISO standard was met. Again, the key energy figures showed that all set goals in the plants had been achieved. 

With the initiative Blue Production Center (Blue PC) as well, our colleagues are working toward developing location-specific plans for improving energy efficiency. They want to reduce greenhouse gases, avoid waste and lower water consumption. Here each of our employees plays an essential role: only when each individual makes a contribution to working sustainably and energy efficiently will we reach our joint goal of protecting the environment. 

Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg

Of the 17 production facilities worldwide, the Hamburg location is the largest. About one-third of the finished products originate from Eimsbüttel and Billbrook. Energy efficiency is a special challenge as a result of the many different productions and filling facilities. 

Beiersdorf Manufacturing Berlin

The Berlin plant is number 1 for wash-active substances within the Beiersdorf group. Colleagues in Germany’s capital produce NIVEA shower gels, shampoos and conditioners for all European markets using the most modern processes.  

About "We care."

The Beiersdorf sustainability strategy “We care.” is based on three pillars: Products, Planet and People. With them it includes topics along our entire value chain – from raw material procurement and processing to the health and safety of employees and social engagement outside of the company. An overview of the key figures, information and various local initiatives in the areas of Products, Plant and People can be found in the 2016 sustainability report which is located under “Sustainability” on our company website. 

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