Beiersdorf vaccination station opened its doors today

Finally! After intensive preparations and many weeks of waiting for the vaccine, the Beiersdorf vaccination station at the Hamburg-Eimsbüttel site opened its doors today. “The first employees received their first Corona vaccination” said a delighted Dr. Jörg Busam, Head Company Physician. “The mood on site: a mixture of joy, gratitude and pride – the hope for a little normality to return unites everybody involved.”

Due to the current shortage of vaccine in Germany, it is not possible to predict right now, at what point in time all employees will have been vaccinated. The vaccination team is confident that quantities will steadily increase in the coming weeks and hopefully all employees will receive a vaccination offer soon. “If the vaccine is available, the vaccination station is able to vaccinate up to 250 people a day,” Busam explains.

Vaccination is a joint task - it goes without saying that companywide many people have worked together to ensure that the vaccination can open today - a great example of CARE BEYOND SKIN.

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