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Stimulating Skin’s Own Natural Defense Against Free Radicals

Our skin continually faces environmental challenges and stress. Without its regenerative capacities and its intrinsic defense mechanisms, our skin would accumulate damage, resulting in e.g. premature aging. Skin cells possess regenerative defense mechanisms against UV stress, intercepting harmful free radicals before they can cause damage. Scientists from Beiersdorf´s Front End Innovation in cooperation with Eucerin have now found a way to enhance this protective capacity.

Nobel Prize Awarded to Beiersdorf Cooperation Partner

This year’s announcement of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry was especially interesting for Beiersdorf Research & Development because the highest prize in science honored a cooperation partner of Beiersdorf. Dr. Stefan Hell, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, together with Eric Betzig and William Moerner from the U.S., was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his groundbreaking invention of STED Microscopy. With the so-called GSDIM Technology, Dr. Frank Fischer, Head of the Beiersdorf Research Microscopy Lab, uses an advancement of the method of the German Nobel Prize winner. GSDIM stands for “Ground State Depletion Individual Molecule Return Microscopy.” The GSDIM technology is supported by the Federal Ministry for Education as part of the joint research project “GSDIM Widefield Nanoscopy.”

Care for Sensitive Skin: A Look Inside Beiersdorf’s Research & Development

When people with sensitive skin come into contact with irritants, that often means that their skin burns or prickles and sometimes you can see redness or areas of flaking. Beiersdorf R&D has gotten to the bottom this phenomenon and discovered the active ingredient SymSitive* to sooth very sensitive skin. It stops irritation before it’s felt and calms nerves in the skin and that’s why it’s in all the products of the Eucerin UltraSENSITIVE and AntiREDNESS care series.

In-Shower: The Most Successful NIVEA Innovation of 2013

With over four million units sold, NIVEA In-Shower was the best-selling new product in Germany in 2013 and it is now available in numerous variations including Body Lotion with Sea Minerals, Body Milk Honey & Milk or Refreshing After-Sun Lotion. In-Shower appeals especially to consumers with little time: the new products now nourish skin with proven NIVEA quality “on the go.” In order to fulfill this consumer desire, various Beiersdorf specialists brought their knowledge to the table in an intensive collaboration.