Book on Beiersdorf history by author Alfred Reckendrees released by publisher C.H. Beck

  • The German version of “Beiersdorf. The Company behind the brands NIVEA, tesa, Hansaplast and Co” is available at book stores starting on November 27th, 2018 for €29.95
  • The English copy will be published in mid-December
  • History of the company scientifically researched for the first time

NIVEA is known all over the world. Beiersdorf, the Hamburg company which created the “Crème de la Crème” and other successful brands, on the other hand, is not very well known. Its history began in 1882. In two world wars Beiersdorf lost its international business and was exposed to anti-Semitic attacks during the Nazi period. It had to start over from the beginning twice and yet today, Beiersdorf is a global player.

After several years of research in the rich archives of the company and numerous interviews with eye witnesses, Alfred Reckendrees tells the exciting history of the global Hamburg company – for the first time based on scientific research. “Beiersdorf is a company with an unusually exciting history. Although most people know its products, hardly anyone knows anything about Beiersdorf. That’s reason enough to be occupied with the company for several years,” says the author Alfred Reckendrees. In the richly illustrated book over 400 pages he describes the economic challenges and political conflicts that the major players had to overcome, their strategies and the company’s reorientations, which were so closely interwoven with the multifaceted texture of German history.

Alfred Reckendrees is Associate Professor of Business History at the Copenhagen Business School. He has published numerous works in which he grappled with the development of German consumer society and company and economic histories.

"Beiersdorf. The Company behind the brands NIVEA, tesa, Hansaplast and Co" was published in German (ISBN 978-3406725081) by publishing house C.H.Beck on November 27th, 2018. The English version (ISBN 978-3406728105) will be published in mid-December. The book costs 29.95€ each.

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