Global Umbrella Brand Campaign: Eucerin Focusing on the Emotive Stories of Testimonials

  • Eucerin launching its first global umbrella brand campaign
  • Six testimonials with different skin indications emotively show how dermatological skincare can change lives
  • The campaign underscores the brand’s purpose: “WE BELIEVE IN THE LIFE-CHANGING POWER OF DERMATOLOGICAL SKINCARE”

Hamburg, November 3, 2020 – The dermocosmetics brand Eucerin has just officially launched its first global umbrella brand campaign, in so doing going in a new direction. The campaign revolves around the emotive stories of six testimonials who offer an insight into their lives, each with their own skin problems, and illustrate the life-changing effect that dermocosmetic skincare has had on them. In this way, Eucerin is underscoring its purpose as a brand: “WE BELIEVE IN THE LIFE-CHANGING POWER OF DERMATOLOGICAL SKINCARE.”

“Skin problems like acne, neurodermatitis, and hyperpigmentation do not just affect our skin. They frequently influence the self-confidence and mood, and therefore also the quality of life, of those affected. Our dermatological skincare innovations offer relief and demonstrate visible effects. As such, they have a significant influence on our skin and therefore also our lives, no matter what our skin type, age, or skin indication,” explains Cornelius Becker, Beiersdorf’s Head of Derma. He continues: “The stories shared within the campaign emotively demonstrate what the brand stands for: ‘WE BELIEVE IN THE LIFE-CHANGING POWER OF DERMATOLOGICAL SKINCARE.’”

The endorsers’ life-changing stories

One of the faces of the campaign is Angelika from Germany. Her neurodermatitis returned during her pregnancy, in combination with pronounced itching. She had already suffered from the condition as a child. And when her son then developed the first symptoms at the age of six month, she went through an especially emotional time. She was familiar with the psychological stress it caused and had to witness her son experiencing this, too: “Night after night, he cried and scratched his skin until it bled,” she relates in an interview. But his symptoms were significantly reduced in acute phases thanks to the right dermocosmetic care from Eucerin. With the itching eliminated and with sufficient sleep, not only did the boy’s skin texture change – so too did the entire family’s quality of life.

In addition to Angelika, five other testimonials from four different countries explain in the Eucerin campaign how dermoscosmetic skincare has changed their lives. The endorsers were selected on the basis of their different skin problems, for which Eucerin offers tailored active ingredient solutions: Tony with actinic keratosis – the most common form of skin precancer, Ruth with hyperpigmentation, Angelika with atopic dermatitis, Eungyu with acne, Karina with chafed skin during triathlons, and Sarah with aging skin.

Eucerin making its purpose as a brand visible

The campaign video can now be found on Eucerin’s international channels. The digital moving image campaign created by Wunderman Thompson Germany will now be gradually rolled out in the various markets, and will feature on websites, in social media and, in some countries, also on TV. The campaign is the first step in making the Eucerin purpose clearly visible in the long term at all the touchpoints. “We will show just how much influence our products have on people’s lives. The stories we have to tell go way beyond a one-off campaign. In the long term, they will also find their way to the POS, into our overarching communications, and onto our products,” explains Becker, adding: “We will, of course, maintain our focus on strong product innovations in the future in order to continue to ensure that we are having a positive influence on our consumers’ lives.”      

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