Global relaunch of Beiersdorf Health Care brands Bacteria Shield plasters offer reliable protection for wounds and increased sustainability

  • Beiersdorf relaunches its Health Care brands Hansaplast, Elastoplast, and CURITAS globally
  • As a reassuring reminder of the key benefit of the products, the packaging bears the Bacteria Shield logo
  • Improved products and packaging save 83 tons of plastic and 106 tons of paper per year

Hamburg, January 20, 2021 Beiersdorf implemented the largest brand relaunch in the history of its Health Care brands: Hansaplast, Elastoplast, and CURITAS now offer new and improved product innovations in more sustainable packaging.

Bacteria Shield plasters: Reliable wound protection

The relaunch includes improvements to existing products. The reliable and high-quality protection of the plasters is highlighted by the Bacteria Shield seal. The plasters block 99 percent of bacteria* from contact with the wound. That means the wound is given maximum protection from infections, creating optimal conditions for wounds to heal. “Even minor cuts and scrapes are prone to infection, which can cause long-term complications. With the Bacteria Shield plasters, we offer reliable protection. In addition, in order to meet the broad needs of our consumers, we have also developed completely new product innovations and further improved existing products,” explains Alexander Reindler, General Manager of the Health Care division at Beiersdorf. One of the highlights is the new ELASTIC line, which is now water-repellent – covering wounds even more reliably. In addition, the extra flexible plasters feature enhanced breathability and superior overall performance.

New packaging with real-life sizes and expert recommendations

“We have repositioned our Health Care brands to express our commitment to care for our consumers when they need it most. This also becomes very clear in our brand purpose: ‘We’ve got you covered, for a life uninterrupted.’,” explains Reindler, who adds: “Consumer centricity has accordingly played a special role in our brand relaunch. But not only by offering them reliable protection against dirt and bacteria. The new packaging design also facilitates orientation for consumers at shelf, to address our main insight that the shelf today is complicated and difficult to navigate.” Thus, each folding box features straightforward written and visual information on the product with microembossed product images in actual sizes. They offer clear communication of contents, benefits, product dimensions, and consumer safety information. As a reassuring reminder of the key benefit of the products, the packaging also bears the Bacteria Shield logo. Moreover, educational icons appear under the words “Experts recommend” with simple expert guidance for a wound care routine: Cleanse – Protect – Heal. This way, the box offers a useful and convenient guide for consumers in wound care. The reworked packaging also displays the new brand logo and design language that were part of the brand relaunch: the familiar asymmetrical inverted arch has been exchanged for a truly contented smile.

A strong commitment to sustainability

Additionally, the brand relaunch includes a meaningful sustainability contribution based on CARE BEYOND SKIN, Beiersdorf’s sustainability agenda. For greater environmental compatibility, the new lighter folding boxes save 106 tons of paper per year and are designed for maximum recyclability. Moreover, all products with paper or cardboard packaging use FSC-certified paper. In line with the detailed targets of the Beiersdorf Plastic Pledge 2025, the new packaging further avoids plastic as much as possible. For example, removing plastic from sealed pouches saves 3.2 km2 (83 tons) of plastic annually, equivalent to a continuous strip of plasters winding around the world 13.5 times.

About the brand – Nearly 100 years of pioneering wound care

Hansaplast, Elastoplast, and CURITAS are the regional Health Care brands of Beiersdorf. They were founded in 1922 and have become the most trusted plaster brands worldwide. Hansaplast, Elastoplast, and CURITAS products are known internationally for their leading quality. As well as plasters and wound dressings, the product range includes well-tried and innovative products that offer solutions for foot problems, sports injuries, pains, and strains.

* Based on internal testing according to an adapted official standard method.

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