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  • Wound care pioneer since 1922
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Hamburg, June 30, 2022 – A scraped knee, a small cut on the finger or a wound on the foot – it’s almost automatic to reach for a plaster. What we around the world take for granted today began 100 years ago in Hamburg. In 1922, Beiersdorf launched its first wound plaster under the name Hansaplast. The Group now sells more than 200 products in 65 countries in its Healthcare business – from wound sprays to ointments, bandages and tapes as well as plasters for various applications. With its plaster brands, Beiersdorf has recorded a successful start to its anniversary year 2022: organic sales increased by over 15% in the first quarter.

Alexander Reindler, General Manager Global Healthcare: “The 100th anniversary of Hansaplast is not only an amazing story of leading innovations in wound care, it also serves as our inspiration and responsibility for the future. We will press ahead with our strategy to make a positive impact on society, the environment and consumers. Important initiatives have been launched and are in development for each of these. Our commitment to sustainability and consumer education in proper wound treatment are particular cornerstones.”

Looking back on 100 years of groundbreaking work

In 1882, Paul Carl Beiersdorf received the first patent for the production of coated plasters. For the first time, this innovative “gutta-percha plaster gauze” made it possible to apply various medications to the skin and allow them to have an effect over a longer period of time. By 1922, the time had arrived: Plasters with wound padding were sold under the name Hansaplast for the first time. Since then, continuous improvements have been made to the groundbreaking products – from the first ready-to-use elastic wound dressings (Hansaplast Elastic) in 1932 to the first water-resistant plasters in 1953 to hypoallergenic plasters in 1968 and the launch of spray plasters in 1976.

Turbocharged wound healing

With the Hansaplast plaster and wound care brand, Beiersdorf is the market leader in Germany and 17 other countries worldwide. In recent years, Beiersdorf has developed a plaster to reduce scars and plasters with the Bacteria Shield Insignia. These plasters prevent 99 percent of bacteria* from coming into contact with the wound, meaning that the wound has maximum protection from infection. This creates optimal conditions for wound healing and speeds up the healing process compared to an untreated wound.

“Even minor cuts and scrapes are prone to infections that can cause long-term complications. With the Bacteria Shield plasters, we offer reliable protection that meets the wide-ranging needs of our customers,” explains Alexander Reindler.

Hansaplast recently launched its first climate-neutralized plaster**, GREEN & PROTECT. GREEN & PROTECT plasters have a wound pad and backing material made from naturally derived fibers. The wood used for the, wound pad, backing and the release liner is also sourced from FSC®-certified forests. In addition, the packaging is unbleached, made from 93% recycled material and has the lowest possible weight for the material used. All remaining emissions are balanced through certified climate projects.

As part of the Beiersdorf C.A.R.E.+ corporate strategy, additional investments in sustainability, innovation and digitalization are part of the ambitious future plans for Hansaplast in the coming years. In addition to the focus on sustainability and innovation in product development, increasingly addressing customers via digital channels is an important driver of growth.

Care that goes beyond plasters

According to the International Federation of the Red Cross, millions of minor injuries occur every year, and early treatment is the best way to protect against possible infections. That’s why this year Hansaplast has also announced its goal of educating 200,000 children worldwide in first aid and wound care by the end of 2025. Hansaplast, Elastoplast and CURITAS launched this global social mission in its 100th anniversary year with a series of child-friendly educational programs in eight countries, including Germany, Indonesia, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, France and Austria. Hansaplast partnered with local first aid experts* in each country to teach children ages 8 to 14 basic first aid skills to reduce the risk of infection from everyday injuries.

* Bacteria Shield plasters protect from dirt and bacteria.
** Electricity used in the production of the plasters comes 100% from renewable energy sources; compensation of remaining emissions through certified climate projects.

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