New Beiersdorf plant starts cosmetic production “made in Leipzig”

  • Beiersdorf AG has invested nearly €300 million in a state-of-the-art and sustainable plant in Leipzig-Seehausen.
  • Production center will be defined by innovation capability and create capacities for long-term growth.
  • 200 employees will produce up to 450 million cosmetic products for the European market each year.

Hamburg/Leipzig, May 3, 2023 – The time has finally arrived: The first cosmetic products “made in Leipzig” are rolling off the line at Beiersdorf’s new plant in Leipzig-Seehausen. Deodorants, hair sprays and shaving foams sold under brand names NIVEA, 8x4 and Hidrofugal are now being produced there for the European market. 

The DAX-listed company headquartered in Hamburg has invested nearly €300 million in the state-of-the-art and sustainable production center located in the heart of Europe. Together with the logistics hub being erected on a neighboring property, the plant represents Beiersdorf’s largest global investment in a single location. “This project is exceptional for Beiersdorf in every way,” said Harald Emberger, a member of the company’s Executive Committee and the Corporate Senior Vice President of Supply Chain. “With our production center in Leipzig we are creating capacities for long-term and sustainable growth of our brands in Europe and setting standards in terms of the production of cosmetic products. By using cutting-edge production technology that includes fully automated and digitalized processes, we have nearly doubled our productivity level and are producing in the most sustainable way ever.”

New plant focuses on innovation capability

During the construction phase of the plant, the focus was placed on innovation capability, a modular, flexible design and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, including automated intralogistics systems and robotics to perform filling and packing jobs. Virtual reality is also being used to train employees. This focus will enable the production center to react agilely to new technologies, consumer needs and market developments in the future. Tobias Rhensius, the project director who oversaw the plant’s construction, is really pleased about the successful start of operations in Leipzig. “The plant meets the highest technological standards and provides a tremendous amount of flexibility,” Tobias Rhensius said. “A high degree of automation facilitates the perfect interplay of production steps and a high level of efficiency and productivity – from the delivery of raw materials to the finished product.” Plant Director Stephan Roelen added: “While the facility was being built, we put together a highly qualified and motivated team that is now putting the plant into operation. The atmosphere is one of pride in the exceptional project, team spirit and the conviction that efforts being made in the current ramp-up phase will lead to success.” Four production lines will go into operation this year, and a fifth one will be started by 2024. All jobs should be filled by that point. Up to 450 million cosmetic products can then be produced, filled and packed each year. 

Highest environmental standards

Beiersdorf operates 14 production locations on five continents around the world. Each produces mainly for its own regional markets. With the help of its sustainable focus, the new plant will support efforts to reach the ambitious goals set by the Beiersdorf sustainability agenda CARE BEYOND SKIN and meets the highest environmental standards. It will be virtually carbon neutral because it uses renewable energies and burns biogas for heating purposes. Such valuable resources as heat, wastewater and ethanol will be recovered and treated. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Beiersdorf is working to have the building receive gold certification based on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an internationally recognized seal for sustainable construction. The celebratory opening of the facility is set for the late summer of 2023 following its successful commissioning. 

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