Formula & Packaging Development

Our product development department provides the bridge between skin researchers and consumers. They use the latest research findings to develop well-tolerated and technologically advanced formulas and packaging that are tailored to the needs of different skin types, age groups and genders.

For example, our product development team was able to incorporate our researchers’ new findings on the regulation of moisture levels and the distribution of water in the outermost layers of the skin into the development of new moisturizing skin care products. 

Beiersdorf product developers’ advancing technological expertise has also made it possible to incorporate ingredients into the emulsions that are easily absorbed and capable of strengthening skin’s protective function.

Packaging NIVEA products

Our packaging is not only expected to be aesthetically pleasing and function flawlessly but we are committed to designing and producing it in an environmentally friendly fashion.

All the raw materials we use must pass stringent multistage quality and safety inspections conducted by Beiersdorf quality management. This ensures that we only use harmless and high-quality raw materials.