Our engagement in the area of Consumer supports the following SDG

We have always been close to our consumers around the world in order to develop great skin care innovations that win consumers’ hearts. Also, with regard to sustainability, a topic of high interest and concern to our consumers, we strive to be close and transparent by offering comprehensive information about the safety of the ingredients we use and the environmental compatibility of our formulas and packaging. Besides our goal to be transparent, we want to inform, inspire and involve consumers in our sustainability actions and initiatives.

Within our new sustainability agenda, we have set CONSUMER as a dedicated focus area because we want to intensify our efforts embed an even stronger consumer-centric approach to our sustainability actions in the future, both for Beiersdorf and our brands.

For Consumer Health and Wellbeing

It is one of our key priorities at Beiersdorf to develop skin care products that are of the highest quality standard and absolutely safe to use. Our products for cosmetic and medical skin care, as well as for wound care, hence make a solid contribution to the health and wellbeing of our consumers. 

In the case of a quality defect, we have a global network of Quality Managers and an international Complaints Management organization who analyze the case and initiate measures to rapidly adjust, if required. More information can be found here.

Ingredient Transparency

The wish to consume responsibly is growing, and consumers expect not only effective and safe products for their skin care routines, they want to consume with a good conscience.

We therefore want to provide to our consumers transparent information about the safety and environmental compatibility of our products. For example, you can find for our medical skin care brand Eucerin on their website very precise information on the ingredients used in their formulas and an explanation of their role and benefit. Also NIVEA is making its sustainability-related product features in transparent on their products as well as online.

Consumer Education

We are taking action in the field of consumer education: in 2019 we chose the topic of waste collection and its correct separation, as this is an important aspect for the establishment of “Fully Circular Resources”, one of our new focus areas within our sustainability agenda.

As a partner of the “Rezyklat Forum” we supported their recycling-focused campaign with “waste sorting workshops” at two dm stores in Germany. This is just an example of how we want to inform, inspire and involve consumers in our sustainability actions. More to come.