Our “Blue Building” Program – for Sustainable Real Estate Worldwide

We’ve been driving our unique “Blue Building” program since 2013 to ensure Beiersdorf real estate and facilities worldwide meet the highest environmental standards. This is because energy-efficient, modern, sustainable office buildings and production facilities make a major contribution to achieving our climate targets. Both in newbuilds and the conversion of existing properties, we always keep the entire life cycle of the building in mind – and alongside sustainable energy concepts and space solutions, we also focus on creating an attractive and healthy working environment for our employees.

On course for sustainably efficient facility operations

Since 2012 we have continually pushed for all our new buildings and conversions to be certified in accordance with internationally applicable standards for sustainable buildings and construction projects. Our focus here is on LEED certification – “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”. LEED uses a specific evaluation system to define a series of standards for environmentally friendly, resource-saving, sustainable construction. Depending on the number of points achieved, LEED quality levels are differentiated into ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’, and ‘Platinum’. In addition to the latest gold certification in Itatiba, Brazil, Beiersdorf also holds the gold certification for the production site in Bangkok (Thailand) since 2019 and the platinum certification for the production site in Silao (Mexico) since 2014.

Sustainable corporate headquarters in Hamburg

From the reduction of water and energy consumption to better and safer indoor air quality, the range of benefits of a sustainable building is enormous. Our new Group headquarters and Research Center in Hamburg’s Eimsbüttel neighborhood is scheduled for completion in 2021, 100 000-square-meter for 3000 modern workplaces and 11 000-square-meter extra for Research and Development. We are the first company in Germany to strive for double certification for this comprehensive new construction to two internationally recognized building design sustainability and health quality seals: LEED – “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, which we also strive for at all our other company facilities worldwide, and the “WELL Building Standard”. Our high standards make it clear that in parallel to driving building efficiency continually higher, Beiersdorf puts a particular focus also on the wellbeing of its employees and is setting pioneering standards in the area of sustainable buildings.

Award for our production center in India

In 2020, our Indian production center was awarded the 'Regional Energy Management Award' by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). In addition, the production center was recognized by the ‘IGBC Platinum’ rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) in 2020. The IGBC rating comprises several sustainability-relevant categories, from site selection and planning, through water conservation, energy efficiency, building materials and resources, to interior environmental quality, innovation and development, as well as sustainable architecture and design.
Our Sanand production facility has installed solar tubes, solar roof panels, solar lights, and an energy management system (EMS) targeting comprehensive energy savings. On top of that it has also implemented a range of measures to ensure the particularly sustainable use of water.