Energy Management in Production

Our production sites worldwide are a major lever in reducing our energy-related emissions. To help us drive this, our global “Manufacturing Excellence” initiative develops site-specific sustainability concepts to continuously reduce our impact on the environment. Alongside targeted measures to increase energy efficiency, these also include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, cutting waste, and minimizing water consumption.
Energy consumption at our plants depends on a variety of operating conditions, such as exterior ambient temperature, or the required hot water temperature for production. “Manufacturing Excellence” helps us systematically identify energy reduction potentials worldwide and progressively implement site-specific energy saving measures.

At our Shanghai production center, for example, we significantly reduced electricity consumption by optimizing compressed air generation, air conditioning systems, and pumps. At our production center in Berlin we use the waste heat generated in production to heat the building.

We ensure all the knowledge gained locally is exchanged within our international network as best practice examples and is applied at all our other sites around the world, wherever appropriate.

Energy management to strict standards

Our well established Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) sets out binding minimum requirements for energy management at all Beiersdorf plants worldwide. Among other things, these stipulate that energy optimization potential is systematically analyzed and recorded, and that optimization measures are thoroughly implemented. In addition, the SOP stipulates that energy efficiency is taken into account at the planning stage of any new building, plant construction or expansion project – across our global production network.

In addition to this, at our German production site in Hamburg we operate an ISO 50001-certified energy management system, while our plant in Berlin carry out energy audits that fulfill the requirements of the German Energy Services Act.

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