Our Approach to Sustainability

As a global skin care company, we are well aware of the challenge we are facing: we want our skin care products to be used every day around the world and at the same time, we want to provide these products in the most sustainable way. For us at Beiersdorf, this means without harming the environment, in recognition of human rights along the whole value chain and to the benefit of societies around the globe.

Therefore, sustainability is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and well implemented in our decision-making and business processes. The passion and determination to act on this highly relevant topic has never been greater within our company and we work together to contribute as a business to positive global change.

Environment, Society, Consumer

Since 2020 we are adopting a truly holistic approach to sustainability as an integral part of our C.A.R.E.+ corporate strategy. Our Sustainability Agenda CARE BEYOND SKIN circles around the three areas ENVIRONMENT, SOCIETY and CONSUMER with seven focus fields. With this extended sustainability agenda we want bundle and increase our efforts going forward.

We are currently in the process of defining targets for our seven focus fields. For some of them, we have already turned our visions for the future into ambitious targets. Find out more here about our achievements so far and our goals.

Beiersdorf Environment


It is of highest importance to us as a global company to take all possible steps to counteract climate change and limit global warming. For this, we have defined four focus fields: “Climate Positive Future”, “Fully Circular Resources”, “Sustainable Land Use” and “Regenerative Water Environments”.
Beiersdorf society


We take responsibility for our employees along our value chain and for the societies around us. Therefore, we foster a healthy and attractive work environment and engage in a variety of societal initiatives around the globe: Our two social focus fields are “Employees along our entire Value Chain” and “Inclusive Society”.


It has always been our dedication to develop products that win consumer’s hearts: both in the way that their skin care needs are perfectly solved and in the way that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. We strive to be transparent and close to our consumers also in the context of sustainability and want to take them along on our journey. We set-up a dedicated focus field “Consumer Health and Wellbeing” to mark our way forward.