Occupational Health Management

We’re constantly improving our occupational health management. Therefore, we take an integrated approach, bundling all healthcare functions and activities for the benefit of our employees under the umbrella of “good for me”.
Our goal is to sustain the long-term health and well-being of our employees through a broad range of services, to promote them in a targeted way, and to actively bring them back to health in case of illness. 

Together with the Company Medical Service, the “good for me” team, Social Counseling, Occupational Safety, Catering, Company Sports, and DAK Health we are committed to five main areas:

Workplace Health

In April 2018, “good for me” reached another milestone by opening an in-house physiotherapy practice. Osteopathy will be added from August, while services such as physiotherapeutic massage and shiatsu are already part of the offering.  

Besides our prevention courses, health checks, skin screenings and events, Personal Health Coaching offers employees the opportunity to work on individual health topics in a targeted and confidential manner. Health experts from various disciplines support our employees and provide individual guidance for implementing goals such as weight management, stress reduction, mindfulness, muscle building, or reducing back pain.

In addition to Beiersdorf AG's Occupational Health Management (OHM) portfolio, we have a successful cooperation with our tesa SE subsidiary, which has established its own OHM called “It's for you”. The good for me team also supports other locations – for example, our colleagues in Switzerland book OHM services and work on new health topics every year.

Big insurer, strong performance – DAK Gesundheit is a strong partner in Occupational Health Management (OHM)

An important step towards greater performance and efficiency in occupational health management was the merger of BKK Beiersdorf with DAK Gesundheit in 2016. With a total of six million insured, DAK Gesundheit is one of the largest and most efficient health insurance companies in Germany. This also benefits our employees, with a growing range of health services – especially in the area of OHM – such as health checks, skin screenings and various statutory §20 SGB V prevention courses.