“Zero Accident” – Sustainable Safety Management

employee in vehicle talking to another employee

We have launched a “Zero Accident” program that focuses on lowering accident rates as well as on eliminating unsafe working conditions and unsafe behaviors in all areas of our company. A fundamental element of the program is strengthening the international networking of our production companies, with the goal of establishing a faster, more comprehensive exchange of information. In implementing this we are making sure that the experience and insights we have gathered so far across differing areas of our company are shared quickly and fully via an internationally accessible platform. In addition to this, besides regular international telephone conferences and regional workshops, mutual onsite risk assessment support meetings also take place. Safety measures valid for the entire production network are derived from these. Wherever it becomes clear that shared, uniform standards need to be improved, we take appropriate steps immediately.

team with Hamburg Office award for Occupational Safety as a company

Several different examples of our sustainable Safety Management underscore the importance that we attach to this topic area: In April 2015, our production facility in Malang, Indonesia received the “Zero Accident Award” from the State Government of East Java in recognition of Beiersdorf’s outstanding occupational safety performance. For over a decade – that is 7.5 million working hours – there has not been a single working accident causing an employee absence of more than one day. Our production center in Thailand’s capital Bangkok also achieved a remarkable success, breaking the local record of 5 million working hours in July 2015 without an accident causing lost worktime. In July 2014, Beiersdorf Chile received official recognition for its exemplary occupational safety and related OHSAS 18001-standard management system. The award was presented by the “Mutual de Seguridad” whose membership numbers over 60,000 companies and which is comparable to the German guilds’ mutual health insurers. Along with us, only 27 other companies were acknowledged for their exceptional attention to employee welfare. In September 2015, Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH received an award from the Hamburg Federal State Office for Occupational Safety as a company "with an exemplary occupational health and safety system". This recognizes our commitment to continuously improving occupational safety and health protection.

Fire extinguisher demonstration training in India 2015

In 2015 our new Indian production company held a "Safety Week" featuring a host of activities aimed at motivating safety-conscious behavior and health protection.
You can find out more regarding our program on environmental protection and occupational safety standards here.

At Beiersdorf, we are convinced that proactively taking responsibility for our employees and our customers is fundamental to our Core Value of Care – and this is expressed in our sustainability strategy. Within this, we also understand that the need for business travel due to the increasing globalization of our company group necessitates an upgraded Security Advisory service. Amongst other measures, this means that we provide our employees travelling abroad with up-to-the-minute security briefings in acute, sometimes highly localized crisis situations. This may even include an Executive Board Member issuing case-specific approval for a vital business-related trip. Our Security Advisory Service also covers the medical aspects, such as providing advice on required vaccinations specific to a destination country. Beyond these country-specific briefings, our business units around the world also receive onsite support through regular Security Audits. We have updated the standards underpinning these and made them accessible via a new IT platform (unless they contain information classified as confidential).