Workplace Health

The safety and health of our employees has the highest priority for us, and this is why Workplace Health Management is one of the cornerstones of our Human Resources policy. Our constant aim is to actively promote our employees’ health and well-being, in particular in the five key fields of Prevention/Early Recognition, Exercise, Nutrition, Balance, and Working Environment.

Prevention, Motivation, Inspiration

We already brought all offers and services related to Workplace Health Management under the umbrella of the “good for me” Health Management program back in 2014. This bundles our Company Medical Service, Health Promotion, and Social Counseling together with the areas of Occupational Safety, Catering, Company Health Insurance, and our Company Sports Club. In 2016 we further optimized the structure of “good for me” and defined a central point of responsibility for all health-related activities, in line with our philosophy of “one face to the customer.” What’s more we made the intranet page more user-friendly and implemented improved software.

At the same time we’ve continually expanded our service portfolio. New offers in the area of Balance, for example, are audio relaxation exercises “to go” that help employees reduce stress in a targeted way during their working day. These exercises are optionally available in English, as are further courses such as relaxation workshops, individual counseling and team-building measures. As our employees have a wide range of native languages, this way we are helping to meet the growing demand for English-language offers and intend to expand this further in future. Alongside autogenic training, new additions to our portfolio of §20 statutory preventative courses are progressive muscle relaxation, and “Salute”, which is designed to boost resilience. This course applies a range of approaches and methods to promote mental resilience and psychological health.
In the area of Exercise a new workout schedule is helping to provide fresh motivation for sports – while those employees who are reconsidering their dietary habits now have the best-possible support in achieving healthy nutrition with the new weight-management course “BesserEsser@Beiersdorf” as a fresh offer in the area of Nutrition.

Woman's ear being checked

Our individual health checks have been an integral part of our service portfolio since 2015 and are warmly received by our employees. In 2016 over 700 employees took this opportunity to have a professional ‘head-to-toe’ medical examination. Our free skin-screening program was also launched in 2015 and is increasingly in demand: In response to the high number of requests we provided a further appointment in 2016 for this complimentary skin-cancer check-up – and no less than 700 employees accepted the offer, double the number of the previous year.

Health Pilots – Good Examples Promote Healthy Habits

Our Workplace Health courses represent valuable stimuli for improving our employees’ health and well-being. To ensure that participants continue to practice what they’ve learned after a course, in 2016 we began to train so-called Health Pilots throughout our specialist departments and teams. These act as health multipliers at work and also motivate our employees to implement what they have learned in their regular working day – even after completing a course.

“Go kompakt” Days at Our Affiliate BMH

In 2016 we boosted our collaboration with our affiliates in the area of Health Management, supporting Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg (BMH) in designing and implementing the “Go kompakt” days. Here, employees are released from their regular work for one day to take part in interactive training that includes compact and practical knowledge related to health promotion. Following a preventative health check by our Company Medical Service, employees participate in an interactive training day that includes presentations on healthy nutrition, power yoga, strength-building exercises, and everyday relaxation techniques. The health check is offered annually to measure health-improvement progress, the effectiveness of the health measures offered, and to optimize our course portfolio.
There is also a very successful cooperation with our subsidiary tesa SE, that has set up its own “It’s for you” Workplace Health Management program but which uses “good for me” as a health promoter. The “good for me” team actively supported the colleagues at tesa with their expertise in setting up “It’s for you”.

Analyzing and Optimizing – Recognizing Stress Factors and Preventing Them Ergonomically

The workplace itself, along with work-related stress factors, was also in the focus of our activities. With the help of the “Key Indicator Method” – a procedure for evaluating physical stress – we can better identify individual risks to our employees when they lift, carry and hold heavy loads in the workplace. This particularly applies to production employees at our subsidiary Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg (BMH), but also to every other workplace. In 2016 we trained employees working in our Health Management, Company Medical Service and Occupational Safety in the “Key Indicator Method”. These multipliers will help us spread this knowledge throughout our company. The findings from applying the Key Indicator Method provide us with valuable insights into workplace-specific ergonomics, and are integrated into workplace reorganizations and the planning of new acquisitions of plant and machinery, for instance.

By applying the Key Indicator Method we can pinpoint physical strains and ergonomically optimize a workplace.
Dr. Med. Jörg Busam, Head of the Company Medical Service

Major Health Mutual with Outstanding Performance – Merger with DAK Gesundheit

The merger of the BKK Beiersdorf health insurance mutual with DAK Gesundheit in 2016 was an important step towards providing improved Workplace Health Management performance and efficiency. With over six million insured, DAK Gesundheit is one of Germany’s largest and highest-performing health mutuals. Our employees benefit from this too, with an expanding range of health-related services, in particular also in Occupational Health Management – with health check-ups, skin-screening and various §20 SGB V statutory preventative courses.