Focus People

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The well-being of our employees is fundamental to our business success and is a top priority for us. We are committed to ensuring fair working conditions and transparent, respectful collaboration with everyone involved throughout our entire value chain. We recognize that it is vital to take responsibility for supporting our communities as well as disadvantaged families, in response to local needs.

Employee Health & Safety

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Today we work in a constantly changing business environment characterized by rapidly evolving technologies, accelerating globalization, increasing security risks. These changes represent an additional challenge to our employees and people along our supply chain.
We believe that our operations must be executed in an absolute safe and secure manner. That is why at Beiersdorf we focus on providing safe, healthy and attractive working conditions for our employees and ensure that our operations comply with the latest safety and security standards.
To achieve this we continuously monitor and regularly review the working conditions and practices at all our sites. We ensure that our facilities are equipped with the latest safety and security features and that our employees receive regular training in occupational safety. We offer a comprehensive range of medical services, and complement these with extensive constitutional and preventative health activities. 
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Social Responsibility

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Healthy communities are the cornerstone of healthy societies. However, social imbalance is an increasingly urgent global issue that requires action in response to local needs.
We believe that we can positively influence the world around us and improve the lives of disadvantaged families by building on Beiersdorf’s values and using the power of our brands.
To achieve this, all of our initiatives are based on the principle of "helping people to help themselves", and meet the following criteria: Local relevance, longevity, mutually beneficial approach, and measurable impact. In order to ensure the effectiveness of these initiatives we set up long-term co-operations with partners who have in-depth knowledge of local requirements. We also recognize that there are humanitarian efforts that require a more immediate approach, for example disaster relief and refugee aid. 
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We promote Diversity

As a company that operates across the globe diversity is an important value for us and for the future of our company. Our activities in this area are grouped under the company-wide program "One Team. Living Diversity".
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