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Young researchers Beiersdorf children competencies

In Germany, we support the local "Kleine Forscher Hamburg" ("Young Researchers Hamburg") network founded in 2014 as part of the Germany-wide "Haus der kleinen Forscher" foundation. This promotes science, technology, engineering and math education – STEM for short – for nursery and primary-school age children. Our goal here is to encourage curiosity about everyday natural phenomena among children age three to ten throughout Germany, and to give them the opportunity to experiment for themselves to find scientific explanations for these phenomena. The initiative includes a comprehensive further education program for experts and teachers, and supports them with teaching and experimentation materials that playfully invite children to awaken their research instincts and perhaps even to uncover hidden talents. Our partner network "Kleine Forscher Hamburg" addresses all Hamburg childcare centers and primary schools. Under the banner „Gemeinsam für MINT-Bildung in Hamburg” ("Together for STEM education in Hamburg"), we not only provide financial assistance but also make our existing networks and premises available to this initiative.

We are actively engaged in many different ways to support our communities in collaboration with local non-profit organizations. This approach helps us reach families with handicapped children, as well as needy senior citizens. The selected examples here below emphasize just how important this engagement is to us.

CSR Beiersdorf cooperation with Innatura

In November 2013 we launched a new form of cooperation with the non-profit organization "innatura gGmbH". "innatura" collects unused overstock products from companies and distributes them to charitable organizations throughout Germany. Since 2013 we´ve supplied “innatura” with more than 530,000 as-new, non-retailable products. Thanks to this initiative we have been able to combine the responsible use of resources with social responsibility in an effective and sensible way. Find out more about our product donations here.

employee of Stiftung Lesen reads out to three children

The partnership we launched in March 2014 with the Mainz, Germany-based “Stiftung Lesen” (“Reading Foundation”) focuses firmly on family life. We encourage our employees’ families to spend more time together – and one key to this is reading. Parents who work at Beiersdorf can download short stories from the company intranet free of charge, to read to their children at home.

employee of ToysCompany with donations

Since 2013 Beiersdorf has donated children’s toys to “ToysCompany” twice a year. This non-profit initiative by the DEKRA organization collects toys and repairs them if required. “ToysCompany” provides work for people who have been unemployed for a long time. This non-profit oriented “model company” helps them to get a foot back on the employment market and to get used to the rhythm of the working day once more.
We involve our employees in two ways in the donation campaign. They have the opportunity at Christmas to buy presents for children. We collect these gifts under the Christmas trees in the foyer at three of our Hamburg locations. To date we have collected almost 2,000 presents, which “ToysCompany” have distributed before the Christmas festivities to socially disadvantaged families.
What’s more, our employees also collected toys for “ToysCompany” in the middle of 2015, gathering well preserved, privately owned articles that were no longer used at home. Once again our cooperation was able to provide the widest possible range of toys to over 200 socially vulnerable families with children in the metropolitan region of Hamburg.