Social Responsibility Headquarters

At Beiersdorf our social responsibility is a firm foundation for our actions, and we therefore partner with local Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) to fulfill this. This way we can reach families, including those with handicapped children, as well as the elderly. These selected examples show clearly how important our engagement here is to us.

Cooperation with “Verikom” and “W.I.R.”

As part of our corporate responsibility we are committed to supporting people who have been forced to leave their homelands due to war, persecution, or human rights violations. To facilitate the integration of those affected into German society and give them a start in the employment market, Beiersdorf Headquarters has provided internships for refugees in Hamburg since 2015. By 2020 we will make 100 job programs available.


In close cooperation with “Verikom” (“Verbund für interkulturelle Kommunikation und Bildung e.V.”) and “W.I.R” (“Work and Integration for Refugees”), by September 2018 we were already able to implement 37 internships. Within these programs, refugees are able to complete six-week to three-month integration internships. This is often the first time they have worked in a German company and have the chance to demonstrate and build on their existing qualifications and German language skills. We place applicants in the specialist departments that best match their existing qualifications, for instance in Health Management, Research and Development (R&D), or Production Technology. Five of the interns were subsequently taken on as employees on fixed-term contracts, and two of these have since received indefinite contracts. In September 2017, a refugee began training to qualify as an IT clerk.

Every refugee who works with us for longer than six weeks additionally has the chance to seek out a “buddy” as his or her personal contact in the company. Many colleagues are happy to accept this offer and in this way to provide the refugees with a network and friendship outside their respective department. Regular lunches together with all integration interns, “buddies”, and colleagues are also highly popular and have now become a regular fixture in our company.

Cooperation with “Aktion Augen Auf!”

Since 2014 Beiersdorf AG has supported the local project “Aktion Augen Auf!” (“Eyes Open Campaign!”) run by the AWO (“Workers' Welfare Association”) Foundation “Aktiv für Hamburg” (“Active for Hamburg”). Our direct and constant contact with the Foundation enables us to extend our engagement beyond financial donations and to provide product, material and time donations as required – for instance the joint Campaign Days with Beiersdorf AG employees.
The “Eyes Open Campaign – Dignity in Old Age” run by the AWO Foundation focuses on providing care for elderly people in distress. Their low incomes and/or health problems often condemn them to lead isolated lives shut away in their apartments. The campaign objective is to facilitate their continued social well-being, as well as secure their financial solvency and appropriate medical care into ripe old age. The catalyst for the campaign was a study by Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Püschel, Head of Forensic Medicine at the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic: The results highlighted the desolate conditions in which many elderly people die and the clear neglect in the level of care provided. These are not isolated, individual cases but represent a highly socially relevant topic that requires urgent action. For this reason, “Aktion Augen auf!” has mandated female City District Coordinators in various areas of Hamburg to provide free and individually tailored support services on location.

Cooperation with “Hände für Kinder” e.V.

The charitable association “Hände für Kinder” e.V. (“A Helping Hand for Kids”) in Hamburg’s “Neuen Kupferhof” building offers a temporary residence for handicapped children and adolescents along with their families. The association provides rooms and a team consisting of therapists and pedagogical specialists. 
Many of the families that care for and supervise a handicapped child 24/7 struggle just to function. Worrying about the child and a heavy conscience regarding the child’s siblings are a daily burden. At “Neuen Kupferhof” all family members are able to recover, catch up on their sleep, and at last have a few free hours and relief from their crushing routine. The goal is to strengthen the whole family for the return to everyday life. Guest residents come from all over Germany; in northern Germany alone there are over 10,000 families that qualify for a stay. 
Providing families with the opportunity to take a valuable time-out is tremendously satisfying for the voluntary staff at “A Helping Hand for Kids”, who are also delighted to promote the development of the little ones – most of whom suffer major handicaps – and to give them fresh stimuli.

Cooperation with “innatura”


In November 2013 we launched a new form of cooperation with the non-profit organization “innatura gGmbH”. “innatura” collects unused overstock products from companies and distributes them to charitable organizations throughout Germany. Since 2013 we’ve supplied “innatura” with more than 530,000 as-new, non-retailable products.
Thanks to this initiative we have been able to combine the responsible use of resources with social responsibility in an effective and sensible way. Find out more about our product donations here.

Cooperation with “Stiftung Lesen”

Stiftung Lesen

The partnership we launched in March 2014 with the Mainz, Germany-based “Stiftung Lesen” (“Reading Foundation”) focuses firmly on family life. We encourage our employees’ families to spend more time together – and one key to this is reading.
Parents who work at Beiersdorf can download short stories from the company intranet free of charge, to read to their children at home.