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A World of Books for Children in South East Asia

Blue Libraries Thailand

Today almost all children in rural areas of South East Asia are able to go to school. However, especially in poorer regions the local education infrastructure is often rudimentary: There’s hardly any budget for books and materials, and the functionally constructed school buildings generally provide little space for playing and reading. To change this, in 2011 we launched a project in Vietnam that we’ve progressively extended to neighboring Thailand and Myanmar – the “NIVEA Blue Libraries”.
Our goal is to promote child literacy by providing well-equipped libraries in rural areas. In bright, child-friendly rooms the kids can find inspiration in up to 1,000 children’s books per school. The personal engagement of our employees, at NIVEA Vietnam for instance, is essential to the success of the project: They collect books, organize donation campaign events and coordinate the entire project planning with the local authorities.
Since 2017 NIVEA inaugurated two new Blue Libraries in Vietnam and Thailand. This brings the current total to twenty-one Blue Libraries in South East Asia – nine in Vietnam, ten in Thailand, plus a further two in Myanmar.

Side by Side with Mothers


In France we’re committed to supporting single mothers as well as those from low-income households. Mothers especially from the larger cities often can’t afford professional childcare for their kids after school hours. To help provide these mothers and their children with access to improved childcare centers in their immediate neighborhood in future, our NIVEA France affiliate has partnered with the non-profit organization (NPO) “Môm'artre”: This French NPO manages childcare facilities in several cities, combining appropriate and affordable afternoon child supervision in urban neighborhoods with cultural offers. A feature of the concept is giving the children access to art and culture on a regular basis. The costs are based on the income of each respective user.
We’re supporting “Môm'artre” by making funds available for the development of their childcare premises and also for creative art projects. If our contribution enables mothers to achieve a better balance between their working and family lives, then this is also an important step in the right direction for their children’s further development.

NIVEA and Sister2Sister Australia

NIVEA Australia has been involved in the “Sister2Sister” mentoring program of the Life Changing Experience Foundation for ten years now. This early intervention initiative supports girls in particularly difficult life situations in their development into independent young women. “Sister2Sister” provides the young women with a personal mentor – a “big sister”. She can point out perspectives, is a positive role model and supports the girls at various levels.
More than 300 young girls have already taken part in the program supported by NIVEA.