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Donating overstocked products contributes both to our environmental and our social sustainability goals, since skin care, hygiene and wound care products are urgently needed in many social projects. In addition, we protect the environment by donating products in perfect condition instead of disposing of them.

Efficient Donation Process for Maximum Social Impact

Despite accurate planning within the supply chain, overstocks cannot always be avoided. Continuous stock controlling helps us to identify possible overstocks early on, and to earmark these for donation. The most common reason why such products may no longer be sold is the launch of a new packaging design, meaning that the remaining stock is no longer distributed for sale, even though it is in perfect condition. Instead, it can be made available for donation. By carefully matching supply and demand for donations we ensure that donated products meet a specific need in the respective social project and target group. Colleagues in charge of Supply Chain planning and Corporate Social Responsibility cooperate in selecting suitable organizations. In general, we donate products locally. 

Donating via Distributor – One Interface, Many Winners

Our cooperations with local members of the “In Kind Direct International” network are special projects. In Germany, France and the UK we already deliver product donations to these organizations, which function as distributors between companies and charitable organizations. For example, in Germany we are working together with the non-profit organization “innatura” since 2013. Thanks to a powerful infrastructure and a large network of approved local partners, these organizations are able to receive and distribute large quantities of product donations quickly and flexibly.