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Energy Management in Production

To reduce our impact on the environment and achieve our sustainability objectives in the “Planet” focus area, we are working out site-specific plans under our “Blue Production Center” (Blue PC) initiative to increase energy efficiency, bring down greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste generation and minimize our water consumption.

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Our production plants worldwide are assessing their facilities and processes, and introducing specific improvement measures. In production we are targeting a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from our plants worldwide by 2020 versus the 2005 baseline, thanks to optimized lighting, reduction in compressed air leakage, and energy-saving drives among other initiatives.

All three Beiersdorf production centers in Germany – Hamburg, Berlin and Waldheim – were successfully ISO 50001-certified in 2014. This worldwide standard sets guidelines for the introduction and use of energy management systems. It thus creates a framework for the systematic development of processes and standards that support the efficient and conscientious use of energy. Our goal here is to reduce environmental impacts and conserve resources. ISO 50001 also helps ensure that this approach is maintained and continuously improved. In 2015 and 2016 our German production centers passed their initial monitoring audit, and the recertification audit will be conducted in 2017.

Our German production centers, our Hamburg headquarters and the Beiersdorf plant in Silao, Mexico, use the “B.Data” energy data monitoring system to identify, assess and visualize the energy consumption of individual systems and so to provide the basis for precisely targeted improvements. We plan to introduce this system at further locations over the coming years.