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Green IT

The long-term and sustainable planning of our IT landscape is a joint effort between us and our IT affiliate Beiersdorf Shared Services. For instance, we have been able to reduce the energy consumption of the main data center in Hamburg by almost 40% since 2011. By means of ongoing optimization processes, we attempt to counteract increasing energy costs and reduce consumption of electricity, even though the energy demands of many installations and applications continue to rise.

This is why we have installed various systems for the optimization of the operating environment and operating temperatures of the IT system. We also invest enormous effort in monitoring all systems and ensuring their efficiency. Whenever energy consumption or temperatures rise onto a critical level, this is registered and measures are taken to tackle the problem.


This commitment is, however, not limited only to the Beiersdorf Headquarters in Hamburg. New offices, for example in Mexico City, are built to the latest standards and, as far as possible, exploit resources that are already in place. We support the instant communication between the company and its affiliates around the world by the provision and promotion of state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing technologies. This allows us to reduce business travel and international air travel to a minimum. At the same time, we make every effort to regularly audit and update the hardware we use. For instance, in Hamburg, the largest company site, the number of printers were reduced by more than 60% from the beginning of 2016. Furthermore, older equipment will be exchanged by new, more efficient, and economical printers. Based on this approach, all previous network printers worldwide will be replaced by only a few multifunctional devices – with the same success as in Hamburg.