Challenges for our Production Sites

Some waste is still unavoidably generated at our production sites and warehouses. These materials are often too valuable simply to destroy them, so we work continually to optimize our disposal processes and recycle as much valuable waste as we possibly can. This applies to hazardous goods and materials such as aerosol cans (e.g. deodorant sprays) as well as to non-hazardous waste such as cardboard, plastic foils and plastic packaging. Implementing this objective globally requires a special effort in many regions of the world, as the maturity of the waste disposal infrastructure varies widely across individual countries. We are rising to the challenge of establishing optimal disposal solutions in our markets both today and for the future.

Why is “Zero Waste to Landfill” Our Global Goal?

Dumping – also known as “landfilling” – pose a multiple risk to our environment:

  • It aggravates the global greenhouse effect.
  • It contributes to marine pollution.
  • It represents a waste of valuable raw materials.
  • And therefore literally burdens the life of future generations.

At Beiersdorf we have consistently pursued the goal of “Zero Waste to Landfill” for our production facilities and warehouses since 2015. The avoidance, reduction and reuse (e.g. of cardboard-based packaging) of different types of waste remains a top priority for us. Across all our sites we work continually to raise our recycling rates of all types of waste, as efficient recycling makes a major contribution to climate protection. We regularly review and optimize our waste avoidance, collection and separation measures to help us move progressively up the “waste pyramid” and avoid the creation of waste in the first place. 

We have implemented an especially sustainable concept for the sometimes unavoidable waste resulting from the disposal of finished products: Here our goal is to donate usable products to a good cause, rather than destroy them – and we’re constantly expanding this globally binding initiative under the slogan “We don’t waste, we donate”.

Pyramid from most favored to least favored option of recycling waste