Let the (Waste) Water Flow – High Quality Counts

water sprinkler in India

The production center Beiersdorf opened in Sanand, India, in 2015 included an extremely efficient water treatment system right from the outset. Water needs to be purified before it can be used in production processes as well as after production. In fact the quality of our purified water is so good that it can often be used twice – which in turn makes a significant contribution to reducing overall consumption.
An additional option is the natural ground-sinking of purified wastewater after use in the soil at our production facilities: This is in line with our “Zero Liquid Discharge” guiding principle which stipulates no wastage of usable water.
What’s more, we’ve planted around 650 trees on our Sanand premises, which naturally also benefit from irrigation with this treated water.

Optimized Wastewater Purification

Wastewater treatment plant in Hamburg

Statutory requirements for wastewater treatment are rising constantly. To allow Beiersdorf to fulfill these today and in future too, we equip our production facilities with the latest wastewater treatment systems as a matter of course. We continually monitor and improve these, adjusting them to the respective production processes. At our Tres Cantos production center near Madrid, Spain, we expanded the capacity of the facility’s wastewater treatment system in 2014 and took the technology a step further. Key elements of the expansion measure were the construction of a water storage tank, as well as an optimized precipitation and flotation unit.
The quality of our facility’s water clearly exceeds local statutory requirements and effluent standards. It’s now so high that it can be reused for garden irrigation for example, which also significantly reduces overall water consumption.