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Same High Quality – Less Packaging Waste

Circa 90% of our packaging materials are already recyclable. We work with accredited regional and national recycling organizations to improve the quality of recycling for consumers and to increase our recycling rates. Worldwide the reclaiming and recycling of used packages is dealt with by different disposal companies that also observe country-specific requirements. These companies ensure the professional collection, sorting and recycling of the different packaging materials. In Germany for example, we were a founding member of the "Grüner Punkt" packaging recycling program. Similar systems also exist in other European countries such as Austria (ARA), Spain (ECOEMBES) and Poland (Rekopol SA). In Brazil we have implemented a local recycling program in association with the Brazilian Association of Hygiene, Cosmetics and Perfumery Industries (ABIHPEC). All of the product packaging tins, tubs, tubes and bottles we use are free of heavy metals and halogenized compounds such as fluorides, chlorides and bromides.

We have continuously reduced the use of folding boxes for our Florena products, resulting in an annual savings of nine tonnes of cardboard. The raw materials for the remaining cardboard packaging come from responsibly managed forests and carry the FSC Mix logo. Florena has also eliminated "crowners" – the advertising labels that are used to supplement the actual packaging, for example on the lids of folding cartons. We have also begun to introduce FSC certified cardboard for all our NIVEA folding boxes.

Our shipping packaging consists of entirely recyclable materials. We also use self-adhesive tape produced in an environmentally friendly manner to seal our cases. We work together with our customers and suppliers to develop additional savings ideas for packaging materials. We have developed shelf-ready end packaging in collaboration with a retail customer, which can be placed directly on retail shelves.