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Life-Cycle Analyses – Our Holistic Approach

Life-Cycle Analyses (LCA) let us evaluate the specific environmental impact of each phase of a product’s life. At Beiersdorf we examine the different processes in each phase, guided by the international ISO quality standards 14040 and 14044:

  • Raw materials and manufacturing
  • Transport and product application
  • Recycling and disposal.

The results help us identify new opportunities to market increasingly environmentally friendly products. The results also support our efforts in progressing towards the sustainability targets we have set ourselves for 2020. A key LCA insight is that the greatest impacts are often beyond our direct sphere of influence – that is, in raw materials and packaging production, and in end-user product application.

Beiersdorf’s LCA for NIVEA Face Care products showed us that switching from glass to plastic jars makes sound environmental sense. We found that using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PP (polypropylene) jars actually reduces the potential impact of greenhouse gases. The results of our investigations indicated a reduction of up to 16 and 28 percent respectively. This doesn’t apply to potential photochemical ozone creation.

Watch the video with Dorle Bahr, our Head of Environmental Sustainability & Safety, who explains how we arrived at this result.
We’re expanding our LCA activities further and making sure we continually integrate the results of our analyses in our product development and evaluation.

Thumbnail LCA Video – Dorle Bahr speaking