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Refills – a Great Idea for Over a Century

For products with high-quality, long-lasting packaging – such as liquid soap dispensers – we offer practical refill packs. This approach has a long history: It was 100 years ago that we introduced our first such product to the market with NIVEA powder. Back then, powder tins were made of tin plate, a material that was rationed with the start of the First World War in 1914. To continue to sell the product despite shortages, Beiersdorf began marketing refill packs and encouraged consumers to refill their existing tins many times over. Thus, a good idea was born.

Refill packs continued to be sold into the 1970s, with a good market response. Then demand declined. However, rising environmental awareness in the 1990s gave the notion new life, and the first refill pack for Beiersdorf shower gels arrived on the market in 1992. Refill packaging has since been added for products such as NIVEA Creme Soft soap, NIVEA MEN Energy shower cream and Eucerin pH5 shower oil, wash and body lotion. Consumers who buy product refills not only protect the environment by generating significantly less waste (e.g. an approximately 75% savings for NIVEA Creme Soft shower gel), they also save money – today as in the past. 

Timeline with refill packages in 100 years