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Our Commitment to a sustainable supply chain

To continually drive tangible improvements in sustainability right along our global supply chain, cross-industry collaboration with other major players is vital to the success of our engagement. In particular, we leverage the synergies of the Sedex and AIM-PROGRESS collaborative platforms.

Sedex enables suppliers to share key data with their corporate customers on their own responsible sourcing practices. Furthermore, the supplier can provide this same robust data to several customers, thus allowing both parties to focus on collaborating to achieve measurable improvements in critical issues, and relieving the supplier from having to produce differentiated key data for each individual customer.  

AIM-PROGRESS is a global initiative supported by AIM in Europe and GMA in North America, working under the banner: "Achieving more together". Beiersdorf participates in this forum with over 40 leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers and common suppliers to drive responsible sourcing practices and raise supply-chain sustainability.

More information on the activities of Sedex and AIM-PROGRESS is available here: