We want to make our progress in sustainability management visible and above all measurable. For this reason, we continually review our activities using sustainability performance indicators to record successes as well as identify potential for further improvement. Regular reviews by external rating agencies give us and our stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate past performance and improvements objectively and transparently. 

  • CDP
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    CDP is a non-profit organization that evaluates companies’ environmental performance in the areas of climate change, water security, and forests. Based on the information companies provide within CDPs annual reporting process through elaborate questionnaires, participating companies receive a score reflecting their environmental leadership. Beiersdorf has been disclosing information through the CDP disclosure system since 2011. In 2021, we have achieved an “A-” score in the
    “Climate Change Program”, an “A” in the “Forest Program”, and a “B” in the
    “Water Security Program”.

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  • FTSE4Good

    “FTSE4Good” is a globally leading family of indices on sustainability and corporate governance. It lists companies that demonstrate outstanding corporate responsibility. Beiersdorf is one of these companies.

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    As one of the world’s leading rating agencies, “ISS ESG” analyzes companies’ societal and environmental performance. Beiersdorf has been awarded “Prime” status every year since 2016. The rating indicates the extent to which an investment in publicly traded Beiersdorf shares is worthwhile from an environmental and societal perspective.

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  • MSCI

    “MSCI ESG Research” analyzes companies’ sustainability based on detailed Performance indicators of environmental, societal, and corporate governance aspects. Overall, MSCI evaluates over 6,000 companies worldwide. Beiersdorf has been awarded an ESG “AA” rating since 2017.

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