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GRI Content Index 2016

Our GRI* Content Index 2016 is in accordance with the "core" option of the internationally recognized GRI G4 guidelines, and is designed to provide the greatest possible transparency with regard to our work processes and activities.

As a basis for our reporting under the G4 standard, we conducted a materiality analysis in 2014 in cooperation with thinkstep in order to determine the most important aspects for Beiersdorf. Find out more and see the results of our analysis here. For 2017, we are planning to conduct a new materiality analysis to ensure that we still report on aspects that are material to our stakeholders and ourselves.

In 2015, we updated our Sustainability Strategy “We care.”. One of the major changes is the stronger focus on our “Responsible Sourcing Program” and with this, on fulfilling our responsibility right along the supply chain. Besides this, our comprehensive “Stakeholder Engagement” approach will in future integrate our key stakeholders, for instance employees, consumers, suppliers and NPOs.

* The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit, network-based organization in which sustainability experts, initiatives and associations across numerous economic sectors and regions are engaged. This initiative supports sustainability reporting as an opportunity to anchor the topic area of sustainability more deeply within companies and organizations, and thus contribute to a more sustainable global economy.

How we report

The GRI Content Index 2016 comprises the following sections:

  • General Standard Disclosers on Beiersdorf
  • Specific Standard Disclosures: Economic, Environment and Social. Each of the categories comprise of various material aspects.
  • Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA) at the beginning of each category
  • A status on how well we reported on each Indicator

The GRI Content Index contains available data relating to the 2016 calendar year. Additional information is also made available here to place our activities within a broader context. Part of the questions in the GRI Content Index are answered through links. These take you to the desired information in the Sustainability section of our corporate website or to the current Sustainability Review and Annual Report.

Since July 2014, new software has supported our global sustainability management at Beiersdorf: “susy”, short for “Sustainability System”, helps us collate, evaluate and process sustainability KPIs from around the world. The system is outstandingly user-friendly and ensures that data is both transparent and verifiable. In addition, all our business areas that contribute to sustainability reporting benefit from “susy”, as individual sustainability performances can be reproduced thanks to this software.
We continually work on expanding and consolidating our global systems in order to provide ourselves and also our stakeholders with an increasingly precise picture of our current sustainability status.

The GRI Content Index 2016 is available for download here.