Reporting Principles

Our sustainability reporting reflects our engagement along the entire value chain, and documents economic as well as environmental and social aspects. Our aim is to achieve maximum transparency for our stakeholders. All the information and data included in our sustainability reporting refer exclusively to our Consumer Business Segment, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The tesa Business Segment produces its own reports. More information about activities regarding responsibility at tesa can be found here.

In our annual Sustainability Review we provide a detailed overview of our sustainability activities and successes throughout the previous calendar year. We compile it in line with the internationally recognized GRI G4 “core” guidelines and complement it with a separate GRI Content Index. In 2016, we were able to further increase our data coverage and hence improve our data and extrapolation quality. For instance, more office sites have reported sustainability data and we have therefore observed some shifts in data compared to the previous year. Previously published Sustainability Reviews and GRI Content Indices are available for download. The Sustainability section of our corporate website communicates the latest updates on our sustainability activities and progress in individual projects, and also provides information and specific data from previous reporting years.

To save on paper, ink and transportation, we do not publish a print version. Our Sustainability Review and the accompanying GRI Content Index are only available for download online, as a PDF file.