COVID-19 aid program

As part of CARE BEYOND SKIN, Beiersdorf initiated the largest globally coordinated humanitarian aid program in the company’s history in March 2020 and took quick action at the very beginning of the pandemic.

The company is providing €50 million to support people in epicentres of the pandemic and in regions with weak public health systems and infrastructures. Beiersdorf is also working with authorities as well as local and international organizations to ensure the best possible contribution to people in need. In addition to emergency aid, Beiersdorf guarantees long-term support, as many countries are already facing socio-economic challenges that go beyond the covid-19 pandemic.

Our aid program has four pillars:

Disinfectants & Medical Supply

To help hospitals and medical personnel fight the coronavirus, Beiersdorf converted individual production lines in 13 countries to produce medical disinfectants. One million liters were produced around the world in just three months.

Product Donations

Beiersdorf provided more than five million NIVEA skin and hand care products to treat the stressed-out skin of nurses and physicians. The products were donated in more than 20 countries and served as an expression of the company’s gratitude for the tireless work that medical professionals have been doing in this difficult time.

Employee Donations

The Group matched all personal contributions that its employees made to the emergency funds of two international aid organizations: Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) and UNICEF.


The fourth pillar of the aid program involves financial support for local partner organizations as well as the international non-profit organizations Plan International, CARE, and Ashoka. Through selected projects, Beiersdorf plans to fight the pandemic’s socioeconomic impact over the long term.